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AI-generated Taylor Swift ad sweeps the internet as celebrity deepfakes become more common

Even Taylor Swift is susceptible to the potential risks of artificial intelligence and deepfake technology.

A recent online video features an AI-generated likeness of Swift endorsing Le Creuset cookware products. According to The New York Times reports, some dedicated Swift fans have fallen victim to the deceptive scheme.

The misleading advertisements, which have been circulating on Facebook, employ an AI simulation of Swift’s voice and appearance. In the video, the AI Swift falsely asserts that she generously gifts free Le Creuset cookware sets to her “loyal fans.” Viewers are encouraged to click a button and answer a few questions to claim the complimentary cookware set. However, the scammers seize any personal information provided during this process.

Le Creuset has explicitly stated that it has no association with these ads, as The New York Times reported. As for Swift, her representatives have refrained from commenting on the videos.

Taylor Swift fans scammed by AI-generated Le Creuset endorsements

Fraudsters have deceived numerous Taylor Swift enthusiasts through deceptive tactics, utilizing AI-generated videos of the Grammy winner promoting Le Creuset ovens to acquire money and personal information from fans illicitly. 

The misleading advertisement features the singer-songwriter beside the Le Creuset Dutch oven, priced between $180 and $750, contingent on size and style. The fabricated Taylor Swift in the ad claims to be ‘excited’ about gifting free sets of high-end cookware, but only if fans click on a provided link and respond to a few inquiries.

Buyers asked to pay for shipping Charge

Those who fall for the scam are instructed to cover a shipping charge. As the ‘New York Times reports,’ unsuspecting individuals are redirected to seemingly genuine websites filled with fake reviews. To proceed, hopeful buyers are required to pay a “modest shipping fee of $9.96.” However, they must receive the promised cooking pot to avoid recurring charges.

Taylor Swift never endorsed Le Creuset

Although Taylor Swift has expressed her admiration for the brand, known for its high-quality kitchenware like round Dutch ovens, a demi teakettle, and cast iron skillets, the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer has not formally endorsed Le Creuset.

Celebrity deepfakes are gradually edging their way into advertising and media

Celebrity deepfakes are gradually infiltrating the realms of advertising and media. In April, the Better Business Bureau cautioned consumers about a “rise in deepfake scams and continuously advancing AI technology.” This technology produces deepfakes featuring “well-known and trusted celebrities” endorsing deceptive products. These scams have become increasingly sophisticated.

Celebrity deepfake scams become more common

The Better Business Bureau advised consumers to exercise caution before purchasing, urging them to reevaluate posts and social media accounts. They emphasized that the photos and videos are likely to be fabricated. They warned that purchasing could result in financial loss for a substandard or non-existent product, often more than anticipated.

In recent years, several public figures have publicly distanced themselves from advertisements using their AI-generated voices or likenesses. Oprah Winfrey expressed frustration in 2022 when fraudulent ads promoting weight loss gummies misused her name.

It has come to my attention many times that someone is out there misusing my name, even sending emails to people, advertising weight loss gummies,” she conveyed in an Instagram video. “I don’t want you all to be taken advantage of by people misusing my name.

Journalist Gayle King similarly cautioned her fans not to be deceived by AI-generated ads featuring her endorsing a weight loss product. In an October Instagram post, she revealed that her voice and video had been manipulated to create a false promotion.

In June, fake ads featuring country singer Luke Combs endorsing a weight loss product began circulating online. Combs falsely claimed that fellow country singer Lainey Wilson recommended the product in the fabricated advertisement. Wilson debunked the ads in an Instagram video, emphasizing that they were untrue and a ploy to exploit people financially.

Combs’ manager, Chris Kappy, also intervened, shutting down the fake ads. Kappy underscored these companies’ unsettling use of AI, stating on Instagram, “AI is a scary thing, and they’re using it against us.”

Hollywood strikes address fears over AI

Concerns about the infiltration of artificial intelligence played a significant role in the noteworthy Hollywood strikes of 2023. The Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Performers embarked on strikes partly to secure safeguards against the utilization of AI, according to CNBC.

The agreements that concluded both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes specifically addressed the escalating apprehensions regarding AI, implementing certain protective measures, as outlined by the Deseret News.

“SAG-AFTRA has established a clear stance, introducing some of the initial regulations on AI in the entertainment industry. It has prompted a sense of realization for everyone – the realization that we must seriously consider this aspect,” remarked Iris Liu, the SAG-AFTRA strike captain, in an interview with Rolling Stone after the 118-day strike.

We should collectively channel our efforts towards advocating for governmental regulations to ensure not only the protection of SAG-AFTRA actors but also the well-being of everyone globally. A comprehensive shield against misinformation is imperative for our collective safety.”

AI could bring stars back posthumously

Even highly-regarded Hollywood celebrities have contemplated the potential impact of AI on their careers.

In October, Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks cautioned his followers about an AI-generated version of himself promoting a dental plan that had surfaced online.

Hanks shared his concern on Instagram, stating, “Please be cautious! A video circulating promoting a dental plan with an AI version of me is circulating. I want to clarify that I have no association with it.

In a previous discussion on “The Adam Buxton Podcast,” Hanks had reflected on the growing influence of deepfake technology in the creative industry. He pointed out the unsettling prospect of his image being used in films even after his demise.

According to Hanks, advancements in AI and deepfake technology allow anyone to recreate themselves at any age, presenting both artistic and legal challenges. He emphasized the potential for performances to continue long after an individual’s passing, with a level of realism that could make it difficult to distinguish between genuine and AI-generated content.

While acknowledging that some people might be able to discern AI from reality, Hanks raised the question of whether the general audience would care about such distinctions. The rise of AI resurrections is not yet widespread in Hollywood, but instances like the posthumous return of Paul Walker in “Fast X” and the AI-driven appearance of Carrie Fisher in “The Rise of Skywalker” highlight the increasing intersection of technology and entertainment. Other iconic figures, including Bruce Lee, Audrey Hepburn, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Cushing, and Oliver Reed, have been digitally resurrected for the screen recently.


How did scamsters cheat Taylor Swift fans?

Scam artists have duped numerous Taylor Swift fans by disseminating deceptive advertisements featuring AI-generated videos of the Grammy-winning artist endorsing Le Creuset ovens, to acquire funds and personal information from her fans unlawfully. The counterfeit Taylor Swift informs fans that she is ‘delighted’ to offer complimentary sets of premium cookware, contingent upon them clicking a link and responding to a few inquiries.

Did Taylor Swift endorse Le Creuset?

Although Taylor Swift has expressed her admiration for the brand, known for its high-quality kitchenware, including items like round Dutch ovens, a demi teakettle, and cast iron skillets, the ‘Cruel Summer’ singer has not formally endorsed Le Creuset.

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