Alex Belfield Radio Career BBC ILR Life On Air

Here’s Alex Belfield Radio Career BBC ILR Life On Air…..

Alex Belfield is a Broadcaster, Musician, Comedian and Entertainer from Nottingham.

Email – alex @alexbelfield.co.uk

In 2014 Alex celebrates 20 years in Radio, Live Entertainment, PR & Show Business.

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Belfield has broadcast on over 80 Radio Stations in the UK.

He’s appeared nationally on BBC Radio 2, BBC Five Live & Capital Gold.

In 2013 www.celebrityradio.biz officially attracted 6.1 million minutes viewed via YouTube.

In May 2014 Belfield spent the month in Vegas talking to the biggest Stars. & featuring the biggest hotels, shows, restaurants and casino’s in Las Vegas…..

Thunder From Down Under
Crazy Girls
Criss Angel 2014

Alex was invited to feature and given Exclusive access to over 50+ shows, 30+ restaurants in every major casino on the Strip including MGM, Venetian, Wynn, Caesars and more.

Celebrity Radio featured Rod Stewart, Shania Twain, Britney Spears including interviews with the worlds biggest Star in magic Criss Angel, and more than 20 Showgirls on the Las Vegas Boulevard…..

Claire Sinclair
Madame Tussauds Las Vegas review 2014 (6)
Veronic (2)

Alex was given access to all of Las Vegas’ biggest Stars including America’s Got Talent winner Terry Fator, Comedian Carrot Top, Celine Dion protégé Veronic and the stunning Claire Sinclair.

Alex also spent time with many of Sin Cities ‘late night’ performers including the showgirls from Fantasy, Crazy Girls as well as Thunder From Down Under & the world famous Chippendales.

Belfield described this as “the best month of my life!”.

Alex Belfield Live
Alex Belfield Nottingham Evening Post

Alex has worked around in the world in Spain, Germany, Kenya and the USA.

You may have also seen him on BBC1, BBC News, ITV Central, Channel 4, BBC Look North & BBC Breakfast.

Here’s some best bits & highlights (mostly nonsense) from Belfield’s 15 year radio career…..

Alex’s professional career started in 1994 when he started performing in pubs and clubs as a singer and pianist at the age of just 14. In 2014 Belfield celebrates 20 years in Show Business (you do the math).

Belfield still performs around 250 Live shows a year as a comedian, singer and cabaret entertainer.

Belfield has introduced and appeared on stage with endless Stars including his comedy hero Ken Dodd & incredible performers like Katherine Jenkins & Russell Watson.

Alex Belfield Las Vegas
Alex Belfield Virgin Atlantic
Alex Belfield

Alex has even hosted a Royal event and introduced Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to 50,000 people.

Alex is one of the UK’s leading Celebrity interviewers. Many of his major in-depth interviews have been published in newspapers including The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail and the Daily Star.

In 2013 Alex began working as a pro Warm-up for events, Stars and TV shows including Loose Women @ ITV.

Alex Belfield Loose women

Alex Belfield has presented radio shows around the world with destinations including Las Vegas, Broadway, Montreal, Quebec, Paris, Barbados, Spain and more. This website celebrates the best of his Celebrity interviews, restaurant review & travel articles.

Alex set up his own production company ‘Alex Belfield Productions’ in 2001.

His first major syndicated show was a radio documentary recorded at Ground Zero on the first anniversary of 9/11. This programme was broadcast on 25 radio stations in the UK. The show featured Ricki Lake and The Duchess of York and those involved in the horrific attacks in New York.

Alex Belfield Las Vegas
Alex Belfield BBC News

This page will give you the ‘Complete Belfield’ with audio of his Live Cabaret, Celebrity interviews, Radio shows and legendary outrageous Phone-ins.

One of Alex’s all time career highlights was visiting Benny Andersson at his home in Stockholm, Sweden where Benny agreed to play two of his biggest hits on piano just for Belfield.

Moving. Privileged. Honour. Beautiful….

Alex Belfield has interviewed some of the biggest Stars all over the world including Vegas, New York, London, Paris and Barbados….

His guests have included: Andy Williams, Frankie Valli, Dame Edna, Frank Sinatra Jnr, Andrea Bocelli, Graham Norton, Cilla, Cliff, Dale, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Brian May & Roger Taylor from Queen, Tito Jackson, Piers Morgan and 100’s more…….

Fern Britton Interview With Alex Belfield
Chris Evans And Alex Belfield

All of the above are available by searching by name in the top right hand corner.

Here’s his Celebrity Radio Best Bts…..

Alex’s most high profile interview was with Sir Jimmy Savile. Belfield recorded the last in-depth 70 minute interview with Savile at his home in Leeds.

This rare and revealing interview was printed in the Sun the day after he died and broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Christmas Day 2011 as a celebration of his life. It was later repeated as an expose of ‘the darker side of Savile’.

Alex Belfield Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile BBC Interview & Life Story final chat
Jimmy Savile Alex belfield

In hindsight this interview reveals a lot about the true character of the Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It host. Reflecting on his death, Savile admitted “I won’t go to heaven, I’ve been tricky – I got away with it”.

It was revealed in 2012 that the BBC had deliberately covered up Savile’s true past as one of the most prolific paedophiles in history.

Here’s the complete unedited interview and audio from March 2011….

Belfield @ Breakfast

Hear Belfield at his most comfortable – presenting his Big Personality Comedy Breakfast Show.

Alex Belfield Radio Show

Alex wrote some bespoke gospel jingles which sum up the mood he tries to create on his show….

Featuring topical comedy, callers, interviews and great music – ‘The Big Show’ is Alex’s favourite radio format and plays to all of his strengths with a fast paced, interactive, irreverent topical fun and nonsense.

Alex Belfield At Breakfast

Alex has presented daily shows for Century 106, Mercia FM, Mansfield 103.2, Scarlet FM, Capital FM Nairobi, BFBS, Touch FM & many others for Commercial Radio Stations.

Alex Belfield @ Loose Women September 2013….

Alex Belfield Loose women - BBC Radio leeds - Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz

Alex has broadcast on BBC Radio 2, 5Live & 40 BBC Local Radio stations.

For nearly 10 years Belfield regularly appeared presenting Live programmes for BBC Leicester, BBC Bristol, BBC Shropshire, BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Midlands, BBC Jersey, BBC Kent & BBC Radio Leeds.

Alex Belfield Celebrity Interviews
Alex Belfield Celebrity Interviews
Alex Belfield Celebrity Interviews

During his time at BBC Radio Leeds he attracted the highest audience in 7 years with a peak of more than 50,000 tuning in at 9am – one of the biggest audiences in the BBC Local Network.

Alex Belfield
Alex Belfield BBC
Alex Belfield

Since Alex left the show, BBC Leeds have lost over 700,000 listening hours and is down to its lowest audience in decades.

Here’s 40 minutes of highlights of Alex’s more ‘serious’ journalistic side working for BBC News.

Enjoy ‘Belfield @ The Beeb’……

Belfield is well known for his ‘in your face’ phone-ins. His most successful Phone-in was the nationally syndicated ‘Late Night Revolution’ at Capital Gold across the UK in 2005/2006

Here’s some of Belfield’s best bits – as the jingles say – “You Have Been Warned!”……

Alex Belfield LIVE!

Alex has performed Live on stage for 20 years 2014.

Belfield has performed for Royalty, entertained 50,0000 people Live on stage & worked one stage with legends like Ken Dodd.

He’s the comedian, piano-man, comedy magician – and proud to be an old fashioned ‘all-round entertainer’.

Alex Belfield
Alex Belfield
Alex Belfield

Belfield prides himself on “no bad language or naming of private parts”! – He might allude to them, but there’s a no filth policy. Your Aunty Fanny would have a fabulous time with his cheeky comedy!

With Alex Belfield being “The Ugliest Man On The Radio’, he tries to avoid TV, however, from time to time there is a contractual mistake and he is forced to appear.

Alex Belfield Christmas

Over the years Alex has been seen on Channel 4 documentaries, BBC Breakfast, Central TV & most recently BBC Look North.

Alex has also appeared twice on BBC Crimewatch but he prefers not to mention this since being released from the high security prison.

Here’s Belfield Live On BBC Look North raising over £170,000 for BBC ‘Children In Need’……

Alex Belfield has been playing the piano since the age of 5. This has been his biggest passion throughout his entire life.

The piano has been a part of his act since the age of 14. Alex has said publically “I could not live without music and my piano. My organ never leaves my side. It’s travelled with me around the world from Wales, London, Leeds, Germany to Mansfield & even Coventry – truly my most reliable best friend!”.

Alex Belfield Christmas 2013
Alex Belfield BBC Radio Leeds
Alex Belfield Live

Belfield includes piano in his variety show as well as offering entire Live piano + vocal performances.

Since 1996 Belfield has performed 3 shows a day in December. In 2012 Alex performed a record and exhausting 53 Live shows in during his Christmas ‘Condiments Of The Season’ tour. He later took a month off to recover.

Alex Belfield BBC

Alex’s Christmas variety show is his favourite tour of the year as everyone is in a great mood, he loves Christmassy Belters…plus you get free mince pies at every gig!

Belfield X~Rated Bloopers

Not everything goes great for Belfield! Here’s his outrageous bloopers over the last 15 years – many of which are totally R18 rated – this is NOT for the easily offended…..

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Email Alex at – alex @ alexbelfield . co . uk

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