Andre Rieu EXCLUSIVE Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Andre Rieu WORLD EXCLUSIVE Life Story Interview…

Andre Rieu is one of the worlds most popular and successful artistes live, on CD & DVD.

His 2017 Christmas tour is a 5* EXTRAVAGANZA! We were honoured to meet him backstage. You can hear our exclusive interview via YouTube below.

In the span of his 30-year career André released 67 CDs and 75 DVDs.

We saw Mr. Rieu live in 2017 and gave him an outstanding 5* REVIEW.

Andre is back on tour in the UK in 2017. GET TICKETS HERE!

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex & Andre via YouTube:

Rieu records both DVD and CD repertoire at his own studios in Maastricht in a wide range of classical, popular, and folk music, as well as thematic music from well-known soundtracks and musical theatre.

His lively orchestral presentations, in tandem with effective marketing, have attracted worldwide audiences to this emergent subgenre of classical music.

Here’s Andre and Alex at the Nottingham Arena in Dec 2017:

He’s been in the top 25 touring shows for over a decade. Andre performed over 70 shows and generated over $40M in 2016.

André is celebrating 30-record breaking years of performing with his Johann Strauss Orchestra. They perform for 600.000 people each year worldwide!

André has sold 40 million albums and plays 100 live shows per year.

In addition to two World Music Awards, Rieu’s recordings have gone gold and platinum in many countries, including 8-times Platinum in the Netherlands.

Television is also an important outlet for Rieu and his orchestra. Their annual New Year’s concerts from Vienna have become a Holiday tradition on public broadcasting stations.

For two weeks in 2013, one of the channels of the BSkyB group, Sky Arts 2 in the UK, was renamed as Sky Arts Rieu. Between 30 March and 14 April 2013 Sky Arts Rieu broadcast Rieu concerts and documentaries 24 hours per day

Interview recorded 23rd November 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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