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Antoine Griezmann Net Worth-Salary, Endorsements and More

Antoine Griezmann, a French professional footballer. Born in Mâcon, France, Griezmann has played for clubs like Real Sociedad, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, and the French national team. His net worth is estimated to be 90 million, with lucrative contracts, endorsement deals, and personal investments. This article explores Griezmann’s financial world, earnings from football and endorsements, and economic management strategies.

What is Antoine Griezmann’s net worth in 2024?

Antoine Griezmann’s net worth stands impressively at around $90 million.

Antoine Griezmann Net Worth 2024$90 Million
Antoine Griezmann Net Worth 2023N/A
Antoine Griezmann Net Worth 2022N/A
Antoine Griezmann Net Worth 2021N/A

What is Antoine Griezmann’s Salary?

Antoine Griezmann earned annual salary nearly $27 million during his tenure with Barcelona. Griezmann’s professional journey saw him transition from Real Sociedad to Atlético Madrid and then to Barcelona before returning to Atlético Madrid on loan. Each move marked a significant step up, not just in his career but also in his financial earnings. At Atlético Madrid, his performance on the field was mirrored by his salary, making him one of the highest-paid players in La Liga.

Antoine Griezmann Endorsement Deals

Puma: Griezmann has a long-standing relationship with the sportswear giant, which supplies his football boots. This partnership is one of his most lucrative endorsement deals, featuring him prominently in advertising campaigns and special edition product launches.

Gillette: Griezmann has appeared in various marketing campaigns as a brand ambassador for Gillette, aligning his image with the brand’s values of precision and excellence.

Huawei: Griezmann’s endorsement deal with the technology company Huawei has seen him promote their smartphones and gadgets, tapping into his tech-savvy fan base.

Head & Shoulders: As part of his endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders, Griezmann has been featured in commercials and advertising campaigns, further enhancing his visibility beyond the football field.

Antoine Griezmann Biography

Antoine Griezmann, born in Mâcon, France, began his football journey with a passion for the game. Despite facing rejections from French football academies, he persevered and joined Real Sociedad’s youth academy. Griezmann’s technical skills and footballing intellect set him apart from his peers. 

After four years of development, he made his professional debut for Real Sociedad in 2009-2010, playing a pivotal role in their promotion to La Liga. His early years at Real Sociedad laid the foundation for his remarkable career, characterized by his relentless work ethic, versatility, and unwavering love for the game.

Antoine Griezmann Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 21 March 1991
Age32 years
Spouse Erika Choperena (m. 2017)
ProfessionFrench professional footballer
KidsAmaro Griezmann
SiblingsThéo Griezmann, Maud Griezmann
BirthplaceMâcon, France
Annual income$27 million
Monthly Income£350,000 a week
Salary$27 million

Antoine Griezmann Business Ventures and Investments

Esports: Reflecting his interest in video games and the digital world, Griezmann co-founded an esports team, Grizi Esport, with his brother Théo. The team competes in various video game tournaments, tapping into the rapidly growing esports industry.

Fashion: Griezmann has ventured into the fashion industry by launching his clothing line, further expanding his brand and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Antoine Griezmann Real Estate Investments

One of the cornerstones of Griezmann’s investment strategy has been real estate. He owns a luxurious villa in Madrid, which is not just a home but a statement of his success. The property, equipped with modern amenities and designed for comfort and privacy, reflects Griezmann’s taste and understanding of real estate as a valuable asset that appreciated over time.

Antoine Griezmann Assets

Griezmann’s lifestyle is complemented by his collection of luxury items, which include high-end cars and watches. Known to have a penchant for fast and stylish cars, his garage boasts vehicles from brands McLaren, Audi, and Ferrari, reflecting his success and status. 

Antoine Griezmann Salary Insights

Antoine Griezmann’s rise in European football has been reflected in his salary trajectory, reflecting his increasing stature and market value. His rise from Real Sociedad to Atlético Madrid and Barcelona reflects his financial rewards.

Real Sociedad to Atlético Madrid

Griezmann’s professional career began at Real Sociedad, where he made his first-team debut in 2009 after rising through the youth ranks. During his time at Sociedad, his salary was reflective of a promising young player in La Liga. However, his standout performances, including helping the team qualify for the UEFA Champions League, caught the attention of bigger clubs.

In 2014, Griezmann moved to Atlético Madrid for a transfer fee reported to be around €30 million. This move was not just a step up in his professional career but also in his financial earnings. At Atlético, Griezmann’s salary significantly increased, a testament to his perceived value by one of Spain’s top clubs. His consistent performances, goal-scoring prowess, and ability to play in various attacking roles made him a key player for the team, further justifying his enhanced salary.

Atlético Madrid to Barcelona

Griezmann’s continued success at Atlético Madrid, including leading them to Europa League victory in 2018 and his pivotal role in France’s 2018 World Cup-winning team, significantly boosted his market value. In 2019, Barcelona activated his €120 million release clause, bringing him to Camp Nou in one of the most high-profile transfers of the year.

With this move to Barcelona, Griezmann’s salary reached new heights, reportedly earning him around €17 million yearly after taxes. This placed him among the highest earners in the sport, reflecting Barcelona’s valuation of his abilities and potential contribution to the team. Despite the challenges of fitting into Barcelona’s playing style, Griezmann’s salary at Barcelona indicated his status as one of the world’s best forwards.


What is Antoine Griezmann’s net worth?

As of the latest estimates, Antoine Griezmann’s net worth is approximately $90 million. This figure places him among the wealthiest footballers globally, reflecting his successful career in European football and various endorsement deals and business ventures.

How does Griezmann earn his income?

Griezmann’s income primarily comes from his professional football salary, which he earns from playing for top clubs like Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. Additionally, he earns a significant portion from endorsement deals with global brands and income from his business ventures and investments.

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