AGT Billy & Emily England Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Billy & Emily England Interview…

Billy and Emily England are a brother and sister duo from Birmingham, England but now living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They  are an extreme rollerblade duo act who shot to fame on Season 12 of America’s Got Talent in 2017. The had previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent 2 years ago.

Their act is breath-taking and defies the laws of gravity and sanity. It is truly one of the most remarkable, dangerous and spellbinding spec acts in history!

They have been roller-skating since they were six years old. Follow them on FACEBOOK.

They currently appear at ABSINTHE at Caesars Las Vegas. Get tickets HERE!

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Billy & Emily via YouTube:

Their mother got them roller skates to get them out of the house. When it was raining, their mother would take the furniture out of their kitchen so they could use it as a skating rink.

They love the grace and elegance of roller skating. They also competed on Season 9 of Britain’s Got Talent, where they were eliminated in the Semi finals.

In 2008, Emily was a contestant on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack along with her brother Victor. She finished in second place.

Interview recorded 19th August 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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