Blac Chyna Addresses Khloé Kardashian’s ‘Third Parent’ Remark

Prashant Kumar

Blac Chyna Addresses Khloé Kardashian’s ‘Third Parent’ Remark

In celebrity culture, feuds and controversies often make headlines, drawing attention from millions of fans and media outlets alike. One such incident involved reality TV stars, Blac Chyna and Khloé Kardashian.

Kardashian mentioned feeling like another parent to Dream on a recent episode of The Kardashians. Chyna emphasised the importance of a collaborative approach to parenting while talking to TMZ.

She said, “It takes a village to raise a child,” she expressed contentment with the current state of co-parenting with Robert, Dream’s father.

Chyna emphasised that both sides work together as a family, focusing on love and positivity. She acknowledged the significance of having a supportive village of love surrounding Dream from both sides of the family.

 As a mother, Chyna conveyed her desire for a harmonious co-parenting arrangement and called for an end to any negativity, encouraging everyone to move forward together.

Recently, Kardashian addressed the backlash surrounding her remarks about being a “third parent.”

Taking to her Instagram Story, she expressed her sadness at the clickbait headlines that misinterpreted or twisted her words out of context. Kardashian clarified that she intends to play a significant role in the lives of all her nieces and nephews.

She defended herself by addressing specific criticism she received for helping her brother, Rob Kardashian, organise a birthday party for Dream. 

Kardashian stated that life already presents challenges, and it profoundly bothers her that such a sweet event as Dream’s 6th birthday is being misconstrued and criticised.

Rob, Angela, and I all strive to do our best in parenthood and life,” emphasised Kardashian. Our children are healthy and happy and surrounded by love from everyone in our tribe.”

Addressing the ongoing narrative of “The Kardashians VS Chyna,” Kardashian clarified that there is no longer any substance to that storyline.

Over the weekend, Chyna celebrated a remarkable milestone, announcing that she had successfully remained sober for ten months. 

She shared a radiant Instagram Reel, expressing her joy in achieving this milestone while emphasising her commitment to clean eating, regular exercise, spiritual growth through the Word (bible), and healing her mind, body, and soul. 

Chyna captioned the uplifting clip by calling attention to her inner light and the positive changes in her life.


Q1. Why did Khloé Kardashian receive backlash for her ‘third parent’ comment?

 Khloé faced backlash as some interpreted her remark as suggesting that Blac Chyna was overstepping her boundaries and trying to replace the role of the biological parents. Critics argued that it was unfair to judge Chyna’s involvement in the children’s lives solely based on her non-biological relationship with them.

Q2. How did Blac Chyna respond to the ‘third parent’ remark?

 Blac Chyna responded to Khloé Kardashian’s ‘third parent’ comment in a candid interview with an entertainment magazine. She expressed disappointment over the remark and clarified that her intention was not to replace or undermine the role of the children’s actual parents. Instead, she emphasised her commitment to being a positive and supportive presence in their lives as a family member.

Q3. What did Blac Chyna emphasise in her response to the controversy?

 In her response, Blac Chyna stressed the importance of maintaining strong family bonds and being there for her child and their extended family during essential moments. She highlighted that children thrive in a loving and nurturing environment, and her actions were driven by her love and respect for family ties.

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