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Bunnie Xo Net Worth 2024, Income Sources, Career, Bio

Bunnie Xo, whose real name is Bunnie DeFord, is a well-known podcast host, model, and social media personality. She is also recognized as the wife of American country rapper Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord). Bunnie has gained a significant following through her engaging personality and various online platforms. Bunnie Xo has built a brand around her podcast and social media presence, where she shares her life experiences, interviews with guests, and other engaging content.

Bunnie Xo’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2024 and to satisfy all your queries regarding her career, income, and income sources we are here with a complete breakdown.

What is Bunnie Xo’s net worth in 2024?

Bunnie Xo’s net worth is around $2 million.

Year Estimated Net Worth
Bunnie Xo’s  Net Worth 2021 $1.2 million
Bunnie Xo’s  Net Worth 2022 $1.5 million
Bunnie Xo’s  Net Worth 2023 $1.8 million
Bunnie Xo’s  Net Worth 2024 $2 million


Bunnie Xo’s Income Sources


The “Dumb Blonde Podcast” is a significant source of income for Bunnie Xo. The podcast features interviews, personal stories, and discussions on various topics, attracting a substantial audience and generating revenue through sponsorships, advertisements, and listener support.

Social Media:

Bunnie Xo is active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where she shares content with her large following. Income from social media includes brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and ad revenue from her YouTube channel.


Bunnie Xo has a background in modeling, and she continues to earn money through various modeling gigs, including photo shoots, endorsements, and collaborations with fashion and beauty brands.


She sells branded merchandise related to her podcast and personal brand, including clothing, accessories, and other products.

Brand Endorsements:

Bunnie Xo collaborates with various brands and companies, endorsing their products and services on her social media platforms and podcasts. These partnerships often come with lucrative deals.

Events and Appearances:

She makes public appearances at events, including conventions, meet-and-greets, and live podcast recordings, which contribute to her income through appearance fees and ticket sales.


Bunnie Xo collaborates with her husband, Jelly Roll, on various projects, including music videos and social media content, which can also contribute to their combined income.

Bunnie Xo Biography

Bunnie Xo, born Bunnie DeFord on January 21, 1980, in Houston, Texas, is a renowned podcast host, model, and social media personality. She gained fame with her popular “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” known for its candid discussions and entertaining interviews. In addition to her podcast, Bunnie is a successful model and influencer, attracting a large following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Married to country rapper Jelly Roll, Bunnie frequently collaborates with him on various projects. As of 2024, her estimated net worth is around $2 million, stemming from her diverse income sources, including her podcast, social media, modeling, merchandise sales, and brand endorsements.

Bunnie Xo, Quick Facts Table

Quick Facts Details
Full Name Bunnie DeFord
Stage Name Bunnie Xo
Date of Birth January 21, 1980
Age 44 (as of 2024)
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Profession Podcast Host, Model, Social Media Personality
Known For “Dumb Blonde Podcast”
Spouse Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord)
Estimated Net Worth (2024) $2 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
Instagram Handle @xomgitsbunnie
YouTube Channel Dumb Blonde Podcast
TikTok Handle @xomgitsbunnie

Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, has built a warm and engaging career that brings joy to many. As the beloved host of the “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” she invites listeners into a space filled with candid discussions and heartfelt interviews. Her presence on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok allows her to connect with fans, sharing glimpses of her life, fashion tips, and beauty secrets.

Bunnie Xo Personal Life

Bunnie Xo, born Bunnie DeFord, is married to country rapper Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord). The couple shares a strong bond and frequently collaborates on various projects. Bunnie is known for her vibrant and bold personality, which she showcases on her social media platforms. She often shares personal stories and glimpses of her life with her followers, creating a sense of connection and relatability.

Her distinctive style, adorned with tattoos and unique fashion choices, reflects her individuality and confidence. Bunnie’s personal life is characterized by her loving relationship with Jelly Roll and her dedication to her career and fans.

Who is Bunnie Xo?
Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, is a podcast host, model, and social media personality. She is the host of the “Dumb Blonde Podcast.”

What is Bunnie Xo known for?
She is best known for her “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” where she shares candid discussions, personal stories, and interviews.

Is Bunnie Xo married?
Yes, Bunnie Xo is married to country rapper Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord).

What is Bunnie Xo’s net worth?
As of 2024, Bunnie Xo’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

What are Bunnie Xo’s social media handles?

  • Instagram: @xomgitsbunnie
  • YouTube: Dumb Blonde Podcast
  • TikTok: @xomgitsbunnie

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