Caleb Pressley Net Worth

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Caleb Pressley Net Worth

Caleb Pressley is a former footballer, content creator, and host as of 2023, Pressley has a net worth estimated at $4 million. Pressley first came to fame in 2010 during college, where he played under the North Carolina Tar Heels football team as a quarterback. 

But later on went on to host a podcast for Barstool Sports YouTube Channel Sundae Conversations where he interviews celebrities such as Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, Danny Mcbride, Marshmello, and more. Caleb Pressley’s main source of income comes from his podcast and funny videos with an annual salary estimated to be more than $500,000

Caleb Pressley Net Worth

Caleb Pressley Net Worth 2023 $4 Million 
Caleb Pressley Net Worth 2022$3 Million 
Caleb Pressley Net Worth 2021   $2.5 Million 
Caleb Pressley Net Worth 2020 $2 Million 

Caleb Pressley’s income source mainly comes from working at Barstool sports company as a former quarterback participant for team tar heel as well as a former coach. Throughout his profession as a coach and former football player Pressley was able to make a decent amount through his profession which contributes well to his net worth of $4 Million. 

Apart from his career as a former football player, Pressley earns an adequate amount from being a host and interviewing celebrities on his own podcast along with making tons of funny videos on Barstool Sports YouTube Channel which has 1.58 million subscribers. He runs a podcast channel on YouTube called “Sundae Conversations” brought by Barstool Sports with 488K subscribers where Pressley interviews famous celebrities such as Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, Marshmello, and more. Pressley’s estimated annual salary is estimated to be around $500,000. 

Caleb Pressley Quick facts Table

Date of Birth 13 November 1992
Age 30 years 
Place of Birth Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Nationality American 
Profession Blogger, Podcaster, and Interviewer 
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Not known 
Kids None 

Caleb Pressley Biography

Caleb Pressley was born on November 13, 1992, in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. Caleb’s father Billy Joe Pressley and Uncle Robert were former race car drivers. 

As a kid, Caleb attended A.C Reynolds high school in his hometown Asheville, North Carolina where took part in various sports such as Basketball and Track, although his major interest seems to remain in football. Where he played as a quarterback for almost four years. In 2009, Pressley coached his team to the North Carolina 4-A championship where Caleb was named as the MVP. In 2009 and 2010, 4-A championship, Caleb went on to gain the title of most outstanding performer. During his four years at school, he became a two-time captain and had passed for 4385 yards including 39 touchdowns, and ran approximately 1,414 yards finishing a total touchdowns of 22 by himself. 

In 2014, after playing two games he went on exchange at the University of Edinburgh, and later on, he retired immediately after his return. In the football team, Pressley was offered the role of the assistant manager, where he had an unofficial title of “Supervisor of Morale,” where he guided players on how to improve the morale of the team. 

Pressley decided to have a shift in career as he realized a career in coaching wasn’t exactly suitable for him. Pressley completed his graduation from UNC with a major in communication. In addition, he also went on to get a minor in writing for the stage screen in order to seek out a chance in the entertainment industry. During Caleb’s last season at UNC, he had a few features written about him as the Supervisor of Morale. The founder of Barstool Sports, David Portnoy heard of Caleb through one of these features and invited him to participate in an episode of their TV series called “The Rundown.”

As he started working for David, Caleb went on to ask for a full-time job at Barstool. During his initial days, Pressley made a name for himself thanks to his unique ideas for generating content. 

Pressley is now regularly seen interviewing celebrities on podcasts and generating funny videos for the official YouTube channel of Barstool Sports with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Caleb Pressley In the News

A couple of months back Caleb Pressley had interviewed popular rapper Drake for an episode of Barstool’s sundae conversations. In a recent interview released on RapTV’s Instagram account, Pressley had expressed that Drake has been the celebrity with the “most secure” he has ever seen. While being interviewed by Theo Von, Pressley explained he was about to arrive at the rapper’s home and he stayed at his house for almost 90 minutes before even laying an eye on the Toronto rapper. He went on to say, “His security is insane. He has the most security I have ever seen. Have you ever seen security? Now imagine more of that.”

Pressley even went on to talk about Drake’s son, Adonis in the interview saying that Adonis had admitted he isn’t a very strong reader. Pressley asked Adonis, “Do you think if he (Drake) had done a better job at home with you, then you would have been a better reader?” To which Drake’s son replied, “Yeah.”

During Pressley’s conversation with Drake, he asked the rapper about betting. To which Drake replied saying he affirmed that the majority of his chips are currently in parenting. He said, “Fatherhood. I just mean in an encouraging way, saying You can also place a bet on fatherhood. 


Does Caleb Pressley still work for Barstool?

Yes, Caleb Pressley is a regular interviewer at Barstool and is often seen interviewing celebrities and being part of various viral videos. He hosts the Sundae Conversation series on the Barstool youtube channel.

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