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Celebrity Radio has had some amazing EXCLUSIVE national press since 2014.

Since we started in 2009, we’ve had 50,000,000+ minutes viewed on YouTube.

Here’s a selection from the Sun, Mirror, Star, Mail, MoS & Express.

Most recently we’ve had weekly hits in the Sunday Mirror & People.

Alex Belfield Newspaper Exclusives

We’ve had 57,000,000 minutes viewed @ YouTube:

Sun on Sunday – Lisa Maxwell..

Jason Donovan trapped @ Joseph – Daily Mirror:

Lorna Luft Sunday People…

Lorna Luft Sunday Mirror Spread…

Nicholas Parsons Daily Mail…

BBC EXPOSED – Mail On Sunday FOI exclusive..

Barry Manilow Exclusive Daily Express & Daily Mirror…

Barry Manilow Exclusive Daily Mirror…

Toyah Wilcox exclusive Daily Express April 21st 2019…

Sherrie Hewson 3rd Feb 2019 – Sunday Mirror:

BBC Expose 3rd Feb 2019 – Sunday Mirror / People / Sunday Express:

Jimmy Osmond 6th Jan 2019 – Sunday Mirror:

Sunday 30th December 2018 – Barbara Windsor EXCLUSIVE:

Barbara Windsor Sunday Mirror:

Barbara Windsor People 30th Dec 2018:

Jay Aston Sunday Mirror 19th October 2018:

Una Healey interview The Sun 13th September 2018:

Sunday Mirror 19th August 2018 Dame Esther Rantzen…

Sunday Mirror and People 12th August 2018:

Sunday People Kitty Harris 12th August 2018 spread:

Sunday Mirror Bob Mortimer 12 August 2018:

Sunday Mirror 22nd July 2018  –  Richard Bacon exclusive…

Richard Bacon Sunday People 22nd July 2018:

Russell Watson Sunday Mirror 20th July 2018:

Sol Campbell Sunday Mirror 29th April 2018:

Dale Winton RIP Spread Sunday Mirror 23rd April 2018:

Dale Winton Front Page Sunday Mirror 23rd April 2018:

Alesha Dixon Sunday Mirror 8th April 2018:

Roy Hudd Daily Mirror 9th April 2018:

Sir Ken Dodd tribute Sunday People 18th March 2018…

Sir Ken Dodd tribute Sunday Mirror 18th March 2018…

Sir Ken Dodd Last Interview @ The Sun 13th March 2018:

Joe Pasquale @ The Sun P3 9th March 2018:

BBC expose Mail On Sunday 18th Feb 2018…

Kristina Strict @ Sunday Mirror 11th Feb 2018…

Dave Lee Travis first exclusive interview @ Sunday Mirror 28th Jan 2018…

Ryan Thomas Sunday People 24th December 2017…

Alex Jones Sunday Mirror 24th December 2017…

Engelbert Humperdinck @ Express Nov 24th 2017…

Lucy Jo Hudson interview Sunday Mirror Nov 4th 2017…

Sir Ken Dodd @ 90 29th October 2017 Sunday People:

Benny Hill Exclusive Front Page Sunday Mirror 22nd October 2017:

Hazel O’Connor interview P5/6 in the Sunday Mirror 22nd October 2017:

Chris Kamara interview Sunday Mirror 22nd Oct 2017:

Rolf Harris To Clear His Name – William Merritt EXCLUSIVE interview Sunday Mirror:

Ken Dodd Sept 29th 2017 Daily Mirror:

Jennifer Ellison Sunday Mirror 24th September 2017:

Front page splash @ Sun 24th August 2017 – BBC FOI EXCLUSIVE:

Daily Mirror 18th August Jim Bowen @ 80….

Sunday Mirror 6th August – Syd Little….

Sunday People James Cadbury 6th August 2017…

Samantha Womack in the Mirror 6th June 2017…

Phillip Schofield in the Mirror 13th April 2017…

Jimmy Tarbuck – Front page People, Page 3 Sunday Mirror 21/3/2017:

Sir Ken Dodd Daily Mirror 3rd March 2017:

Merrill Osmond Sunday Express 12th Feb 2017:

Debbie McGee Sunday Mirror 18th December 2016:

Sir Cliff Richard Exclusive in the Sunday People 4th Dec 2016:


Kerry Katona Exclusive Sunday People 4th December 2016:


Len Goodman People front page & 2 page spread 5th Nov 2016:

len-goodman-people-5th-november-2016 front page

Kym Mirror Sunday 18th Front Page Sunday Mirror:


Page 11 lead….


Cath Tyldesley Coronation Street Exclusive 11th Sept 2016 Mirror:


Cath Tyldesley Corrie 11th September 2016 Sunday People:


Simon Gregson Coronation Street 10th September 2016:

Simon Gregson Coronation Street Alex Belfield Daily Mirror

Pixie Lott – Sunday Mirror 3rd July 2016:

Pixie Lott Alex Belfield Interview

Cliff Richard Front Page 31st July 2016 – Sunday Mirror:

Cliff richard Alex Belfield Mirror Exclusive

Jim Bowen Exclusive – Sunday People 24th July 2016:

Mirror Exclusive Alex Belfield Jim Bowen (1)

Here’s our EXCLUSIVE in the Daily Express on 26th April 2016:

Katherine Jenkins Alex Belfield Daily Express 26th April 2016

Here’s a Page 3 from The Sun 25th April 2016 with Bernie Clifton:

Bernie Clifton 25th April

This is our favourite spread ever! From P18/19 in the Sunday Express.

April 2016 Lionel Blair Sunday Mirror…

Lionel Blair April 2016

Here’s Dame Shirley Bassey & Blake EXCLUSIVE 20th December 2015:

Dame Shirley Blake 20th December 2015

Lorna Luft Sunday Express 14th Dec 2015:

Lorna Luft Sunday Express Exclusive 14th December 2015

Jane McDonald front page Sunday People:

Jane Mcdonald 19th April (1)

Len Goodman front page Daily Express….

Len Goodman Front Page 22nd Nov 2014

Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror:

Jimmy Tarbuck….

Alex Belfield Jimmy Tarbuck Sunday People Interview

Katherine Jenkins Sunday Mirror:

Katherine Jenkins Alex Belfield Sunday People 9th November 2014

Sunday Mirror – Russell Watson:

Russell Watson Alex Belfield Interview Sunday Mirror

Andy Williams last interview Daily Mirror….

Andy Williams Alex Belfield Daily Mirror

Andy Williams….

Andy Williams Alex Belfield

Sunday People Exclusives:

BBC Story Alex Belfield
Mirror Russell Watson Alex Belfield
Showaddywaddy Interview Daily Mirror

19th April 2015 Jane McDonald Life Story Interview:

Jane Mcdonald 19th April Sunday People

Some Mothers Page 3 Lead 4th October 2015:

Some Mothers Do Ave Em Return 4th October 2015 Mirror

May 2015 Josie Cunningham Exclusive:

Andy Goy Josie Cunningham Exclusive

Sunday Mirror & People 2nd August 2015:

Noel Edmonds Leaves Deal Or No Deal Exclusive 2nd August 2015 Alex Belfield

Daily Mirror 5th August 2015:

Noel Edmonds 5th August 2015

Jim Bowen Exclusive 23rd August 2015:

Jim Bowen 23rd August 2015

Daily Express:

BBC Front Page
Len Goodman Alex Belfield Daily Express
Len Goodman Nov 2014

Sunday Express Ken Dodd…

Ken Dodd Sunday Express Alex Belfield Exclusive

More from the Sunday Express…..

Ken Dodd Alex Belfield Interview Sunday Express (1)
BBC Travel Exclusive
Ken Dodd Alex Belfield Interview Sunday Express (2)

Mail On Sunday 19th July 2015 – BBC Exclusive:

Mail on Sunday BBC 19th July 2015

Daily Star:

Roy Chubby Brown Alex Belfield daily Star
Alex Belfield Newspaper Press Coverage Celebrity Radio Sun Mirror People Mail Express
Jimmy Savile Alex Belfield Daily Star

The Sun:

Jimmy Savile Alex Belfield Sun Newspaper
BBC Fat Cats Exclusive
The Sun Gillards

BBC Expose 2015:

BBC Overpays Staff £1m Sun Alex Belfield Exclusive
Alex Belfield Newspaper Press Coverage Celebrity Radio Sun Mirror People Mail Express
BBC Gillards Expose Dec 2015

BBC Exposes 2016:

BBC Long Service Gifts Scandals
BBC Travel Expenses Scandal
BBC Licence Fee Newspaper Exclusive

The Sun 3rd April 2015:

Cynthia Lennon 3rd April 2015 The Sun

Daily Mail BBC Expose’s….

BBC Travel Expenses Scandal Alex Belfield
BBC Re-hire 700 Staff after Redundancy Scandal Alex Belfield
BBC Alarm Clock Backhander - Early Payment scandal

Mail on Sunday:

Ken Dodd Banned Nottingham Daily Mail

Local Press:


 Copyright Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio 2015

Alex Belfield is an Entertainer and Broadcaster from Nottingham who has worked for over 80 radio stations in the UK and several around the world.

Alex celebrates 20 years in entertainment in 2014 having performed around the world including warm-up for ITV.

His website Celebrity Radio attracted over 7.4 million minutes viewed via YouTube last year.

Belfield has travelled the world to interview Stars including Dame Edna, Donny Osmond, Andrea Bocelli, Jerry Springer, Ozzy & Sharon, The Duchess Of York & 100’s more.

He is currently a freelance journalist with stories published in the Mail On Sunday, Sun On Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express Daily Star, Sun and People.

Alex has worked around the world on the radio and in the UK locally for Touch FM, Mansfield FM, Scarlet FM and Mercia FM. He’s worked regionally for Century 106 and nationally for Capital Gold from London.

Find out more at www.celebrityradio.biz

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