Celine Dion Review Caesars Palace

Review Celine Dion Live Caesars Palace Las Vegas….

Celine is back Live on stage at the Colosseum Las Vegas through 2018 following the most difficult year of her life.

It’s impossible to know how it feels to lose your brother and husband in the same week, let alone to have to sing the haunting words to “All By Myself”, “Power Of Love” and “Titanic” to 4000+ people.

This show is a 5* master class in stage craft and vocal brilliance.

Ms. Dion has never sounded better! The sound in this venue is the best in the world.

Outside of Vegas Celine doesn’t play rooms smaller than 10,000 – Caesars premier room feels intimate and hugely emotional.

You leave the Colosseum certain that you’ve just sat through a performance by the greatest female artist in history!

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Review Celine Dion Tour Dates Las Vegas 2016
Colosseum Celine Dion Tour Dates Las Vegas
Review Celine Dion Las Vegas

Enjoy our Exclusive audio / visual review via YouTube & 2018 tour dates:

I’ve been blessed to see endless legends at this theatre including Cher, Bette, Rod, Elton, Shania & Mariah – Celine really is in a league of her own when it comes to raising the roof.

This show proves she was born to sing and perform.

I’ve seen all three of her Vegas productions and this is the least self-indulgent (or cheesy) and plays to her strength, with all killer no filler hits throughout.

This show has high glamour, sensational lighting, a remarkable orchestra with an inspiring feel good atmosphere.

It is remarkable how Ms. Dion appears to look so comfortable, happy and present on stage considering what she has just been through….and is indeed going through.

The show runs just over 1h 40 minutes, starting 7.45pm – Ms. Dion will blow you away with her beauty and phenomenal voice.

Review Celine Dion Tour Dates Las Vegas 2017
Review Celine Dion Colosseum Las Vegas
Tour Dates Celine Dion 2016

Some of the most glorious moments in the show are the duets. Celine includes The Bee Gees “Immortality” as well as a virtual Elvis in “If I Can Dream”.

Live duets of “Beauty And The Beast” & “Incredible” are two huge highlights with the beautifully powerful and hugely talented Barnev Valsaint who deserves to be a Star. A perfect vocal synergy.

Powerful moments in the show include Prince’s “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” and a breath-taking killer version of Queens “The Show Must Go On.”

Celine’s remarkable vocal strength and ability was demonstrated during “All By Myself,” the Eric Carmen mega-hit.

Review Celine Dion Caesars Palace Las Vegas new show 2015
Las Vegas Celine Dion Review
Las Vegas Review Celine Dion Caesars Palace new show

There are electric sections of the show where Dion goes from subtle, simple and delicious acoustic numbers like “A new day has come” to rock showstoppers like “River deep mountain high” just before the end.

Celine clearly adores her fans and gushes about her special bond throughout the show. No matter how annoying or distracting they may be, she reacts with total grace.

Review Celine Dion Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Caesars Palace Review Celine Dion
Tour Dates Review Celine Dion Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The sound system at the Colesseum is remarkable and is one of the best venues for Live music in the world.

The set, staging and lighting during this production is uncluttered but massive effective. It makes sure Celine remains the Star throughout.

Celine’s finale is spectacular as she returns to the stage for her biggest hit, “Titanic”.

The water effect is hugely moving and she deserves every second of her standing ovation.

Celine Dion Review Las Vegas

Seriously, if you miss the opportunity to see Celine in Vegas you’re a dope!

In years to come she’ll be easily regarded in the same legend as voices such as Elvis & Sinatra.

Don’t miss this 5* sensational show with a world class talent.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st June 2017 @ World Tour.

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