Clix Net Worth

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Clix Net Worth

Clix is one of the most popular American professional gamers and streamers, with a net worth of $2 million. The young professional has achieved a lot at a very early age, and the appreciation for the same is never enough. He is a passionate gamer and has been in the industry for long enough now. 

With his constant hard work and passion for streaming and gaming, Clix managed to build a huge following on Twitch successfully. Even before graduating from high school, Clix had already gained a stronghold of the gaming ground and managed to secure his position there for a long time now. 

Today, he is known to be one of the best Twitch streamers and has established himself as a major force in NRG, an e-Sport organization. That being said, now let’s take a dive inside and learn about the journey of the young yet genius lad from nothing to the great height of a successful gaming figure. 

Clix Net Worth 

Clix Net Worth 2023$2 million. 
Clix Net Worth 2022$1 million. 
Clix Net Worth 2021Unknown
Clix Net Worth 2020Unknown. 

Clix has an appreciable net worth of $2 million as of 2023. He has managed to gain firm ground when it comes to finances and profession with his constant determination and passion for what he loves to do. His primary source of income is from his Twitch streaming account and the gaming industry. 

Apart from that, Clix also makes good fortune from the brands he has signed endorsement deals with. Major brands like “Hot Pockets,” “Turtle Beach,” “Purple,” and many others have Clix as their marketing face and pay him a good revenue for the same. As per many sources, the pro gamer has an annual income of approximately $1 million. 

As per many predictions, Clix is going to be a big name out there and boost his net worth by multiple times in the upcoming years. He has got a lot to achieve and a lot to do in the near future. 

Clix Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth January 7, 2005.
Place Of Birth The State Of Connecticut, USA. 
Nationality American.
ProfessionPro Gamer and Streamer.
Spouse Unmarried. 
Siblings An older brother. 
Kids None. 

Clix Biography 

Clix started his career by creating his Twitch and YouTube accounts in the year 2017. In the later months of 2017, Clix started his association with the video game series “Fortnite.” Soon enough, he began uploading his content on both YouTube and Twitch accounts. It didn’t take him long to build a large following, as in the year 2019, Clix had millions of followers. 

He garnered the mainstream media after he qualified for the very first “Fortnite World Cup,” at the age of 14. He bagged the 18th position in the competition and took home 112 Grand as prize money. This was a breakthrough for the boy. After this success rate, he became unstoppable. 

In the year 2019, Clix joined the “Misfits Gaming – Esports Organization” and, in the same here, signed another deal with NRG after ending the former one. Throughout his career, he has been tangled in a few controversies that led to his Twitch account ban, but it was soon restored after Twitter went into rampant with tweets “#freeClix.” 

Clix In The News

Clix has recently been in the headlines for the release of the new “Clix Locker Bundle.” The bundle includes six cosmetics hand-picked by him and is now available in-game for a limited duration. It has the following cosmetics:

  • Sparkplug Outfit. 
  • Cold Snap Pickaxe.
  • Magic Wings Glider.
  • Chugga-Chugga Emote.
  • Splatter spectrum Wrap.
  • Scrappy Back Bling. 


How did Clix make his money?

The major share of his money comes from his Twitch account and the gaming industry, where he is a popular streamer and a pro gamer. 

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