Eurostar Standard Premier Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Eurostar Standard Premier Review…..

Eurostar have mastered the art of making your transit from arriving at the train station to arriving at your destination as smoothly, seamlessly quickly, efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Whether travelling from St Pancras International, Waterloo, Brussels or Paris Gar Du Nord – Eurostar have systems in place to ensure your journey as calm and relaxed as possible.

Eurostar have three cabins available on all trains – Standard, Standard Premier & Business Premier.

This review focuses on Eurostar Standard Premier….

On selected trains you are able to upgrade to Standard Premier (from Standard) for just £39. This is terrific value. Do it!!!

I can assure you that this is a very worthwhile investment which will not only pay-off in terms of the service and selection of food you receive, but in atmosphere and quality of journey you experience.

No matter which class you travel in, you are guaranteed a speedy and efficient service through the terminals. Eurostar have worked incredibly hard to compete, if not improve upon airline short-haul transit.

From check-in, security to boarding, on-board hospitality and service to disembarkation – it is all done at impressive speed.

Enjoy an Exclusive picture gallery from our YouTube channel of the Eurostar Standard Premier on-board service….

Standard Premier on Eurostar offers many advantages:

1) 30 Minute Check-in

2) A bigger seat with extra legroom

3) Free newspaper and magazines

4) A meal with wine (from lunchtimes)

I travelled in Standard Premier both at Breakfast and in the afternoon. I felt the afternoon service was superior as the train was less busy (allowing more space) and the quality of the meal offered was in a different league to breakfast. You are also given wine & coffee from lunchtime which made it even more pleasurable.

For me, the on-board (at seat) service makes such a difference to your journey. It makes the journey as exciting, fun and worthwhile as the destination itself. Standard Premier offer this throughout.

As you can see below, the meal was of very high, frest standard and made the journey fly by…..

My only complaint about Eurostar Standard Premier is that there is no Wifi available to purchase, let alone for free. This is frustrating and disappointing for people who would like to work on-board. I suppose you can’t have everything.

The seats in Eurostar Standard Premier are naturally more spacious than Standard and the carriage feels far more airy….

If you decide to travel with Eurostar, I highly recommend investing in Standard Premier.

The next cabin up from Eurostar Standard Premier is ‘Business Premier’.

Eurostar Business Premier offers access to the exclusive ‘Business Premier Lounge’ which frankly is worth its weight in Gold!

All train stations & airports are chaotic, stressful and generally no fun. St Pancras, Waterloo and Gare Du Nord are certainly no different.

This lounge is a true oasis of calm with light refreshments, lovely seating and no noise and chaos! Harrah!

Sadly, the difference in cost between ‘Standard Premier’ and ‘Business Premier’ is far greater than ‘Standard’ to ‘Standard Premier’. Personally I could not justify the huge difference of several hundred pounds, however, if you can (or someone else is paying) -do it, you won’t be disappointed!

You are certainly rewarded before and during your journey with far greater luxury and convenience. The check-in for business passengers is just a remarkable 10 minutes. On-board you receive a hot meal etc.

As previously mentioned, for me the greatest reward for travelling Eurostar Business Premier is the incredible lounge – definitely of top airline standard as you can see from my YouTube picture review…..

In Business Premier you are given free Wifi access as you are in the lounge. None negotiable for business travellers in 2013.

I personally believe (unless someone else is paying), you are guaranteed far greater value for money in Eurostar Standard Premier class. It is affordable, great quality and offers a fabulous transit to your destination.

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