G4 HDTV Interview 2020 Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s G4 HDTV Interview 2020 Tour…G4 are BACK in 2020 with a UK tour following a sellout Christmas Cathedral tour.With new members Lewis Raines & Duncan Sandilands, G4 are in great shape and offer 5* polish and vocals.Jonathan Ansell & Mike Christie lead the group with a stunning night of wonderful entertainment.G4 collectively offer a flawless vocals & a beautifully produced show. It’s a masterclass in Live entertainment. Watch our HDTV interview at YouTube here:G4 continue to set the bar with perfect vocals, a beautifully polished show.The Christmas tour had gorgeous lighting and a fabulous 90 minute set list of stunning Christmas classics beautifully arranged.Truly, I believe, G4 are one of the showbiz greats in the UK. Stunning talent and a sellout success.Here’s some HDTV highlights of G4 at Southwell Minster – Christmas 2019.Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 18th December 2019

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