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Gemma Collins Weight Loss Transformation

Gemma Collins, an English media personality and businesswoman, has recently made headlines for her impressive three-stone weight loss. This isn’t the first time she’s tackled weight loss, having struggled with fluctuations due to health issues like PCOS and personal challenges over the years.

Collins has been in the limelight for her television appearances and her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Her weight loss journey has been closely followed by fans and media, sparking discussions ranging from admiration to scepticism. In this article, we explore Gemma Collins Weight loss Journey.

Gemma Collins Weight Loss Journey

Gemma has openly discussed her journey of weight loss and the challenges she faces with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This condition can complicate weight management. While participating in Dancing On Ice in 2019, Gemma adopted healthier habits, resulting in a gradual weight loss of 3.5 stone over the past few years.

Before her appearance on ITV’s Real Full Monty, Gemma shared photos on social media showcasing her slimmer physique after losing half a stone for the show. She disclosed in October that she achieved this weight loss in just one week through Slimming World. “I’m amazed I’ve lost half a stone without feeling deprived,” she mentioned.

Opting out of surgical options, Gemma favors a natural approach and reportedly enjoys outdoor activities like walking and cycling. Responding to suggestions of weight loss surgery on Instagram, Gemma stated, “Many suggest I undergo surgery given my longstanding weight struggles. However, I’m inclined towards a natural route and hesitant about surgery.

Gemma emphasized her commitment to this natural journey, expressing her belief in the value of health over quick fixes. She encouraged others, saying, “Regardless of how you feel today, take a step, get moving, prioritize your well-being, and everything else will fall into place.”

Crucially, Gemma has reached a point of self-acceptance and reconciliation with her body, striving not to obsess over her weight. Reflecting on this in January, she told The Sun, “I’ve made peace with my body. This is who I am. I don’t aim to fit into a narrow standard of beauty. It’s a challenge, especially as I age, but I find myself attractive and focus on my health rather than societal expectations.

What is Gemma Collins Weight Loss Diet plan?

Here’s an outline of the diet and meal plan followed by Gemma, aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Initially, Gemma decided to exclude certain items from her diet, a step she took toward better health.

Let’s explore how reducing the consumption of these items can benefit our bodies.

Reduced sugar intake: Removing added sugar from our diet can assist in weight management by lowering calorie intake. Consuming more calories than we expend can lead to weight gain.

Limited red meat: Red meat is high in calories. Therefore, excluding it from your meal plan can contribute to a lower number on the scale. However, the impact depends on how we fulfill our protein needs. For instance, a three-ounce serving of red meat contains about 170 calories, while a serving of beans provides approximately 100 calories, and tofu around 70 calories.

Carb control after 6 pm: Implementing a restriction on carbohydrate consumption in the evening can help decrease overall calorie intake throughout the day, potentially leading to weight loss through a calorie deficit.

Gemma Collins’ Dietary Plan

  • Breakfast: Poached eggs served with avocado and tomatoes on sourdough bread.
  • Lunch: A salad comprising kale, peppers, and avocado, paired with either chicken or tuna steak.
  • Dinner: Options include vegetarian curries, chicken, halloumi kebabs, bell peppers on skewers, and a side of tzatziki salad.

What is Gemma Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine?

Gemma Collins embarked on her weight loss journey by joining Dancing on Ice, where she engaged in rigorous training, burning around 1,000 calories daily. Additionally, she enlisted the help of a personal trainer to assist her in shedding excess weight through a disciplined workout regimen.

Through consistent physical activity and a healthier diet, Gemma successfully shed pounds, moving closer to her desired weight.

Gemma recently shared on Instagram her enjoyment of cycling in the countryside and taking long walks, demonstrating her commitment to remaining active and healthy despite the challenges of lockdown.

Like Gemma, it’s important not to let lockdown restrictions hinder your efforts to stay fit and maintain good health from the comfort of your home. Especially in the current circumstances, prioritizing exercise and healthy eating can help strengthen the immune system.

Gemma has consistently displayed confidence in her body and actively participates in the body positivity movement prevalent on social media.

Her Instagram posts, featuring throwback photos and current moments, reflect her self-love and acceptance of her body regardless of its size. Gemma’s empowering images and poses defy body shamers and earn admiration and praise from her fans.

Gemma Collins looks radiant and confident in a recent Instagram post, flaunting her weight loss in a stunning white strapless swimsuit, exuding a summer-ready vibe.

What are Gemma Collins’ weight loss secrets?

In addition to maintaining a consistent exercise regimen and practicing mindful eating, Gemma incorporated Skinny Jabs appetite suppressant injections into her routine to aid her weight loss journey.

These injections are formulated to reduce appetite, which can contribute to a decrease in calorie intake and subsequent weight loss.

While various appetite suppressants are available, it’s advisable to seek medical guidance as they may not be suitable for everyone and could lead to side effects like dizziness, sleep disturbances, and digestive issues.

The appropriateness of appetite suppressant usage depends on individual health conditions, concurrent medications, and other factors, underscoring the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before embarking on such treatments.


How much weight did Gemma Collins lose?

Gemma successfully shed approximately three stones, equivalent to 42 pounds.

Did she take weight loss pills to lose weight?

No, Gemma didn’t rely on traditional weight loss pills. Instead, she incorporated Skinny Jabs appetite suppressant injections into her regimen.

What is the key to weight loss, as per Gemma Collins?

Gemma emphasizes the significance of home-cooked meals over dining out. While she indulges on Saturdays, she remains disciplined throughout the week.

She suggests devising a weekly plan encompassing balanced meals and exercise sessions that align with one’s schedule, facilitating preparation in advance and minimizing the likelihood of setbacks.

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