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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen / GBK Review….

I would never normally waste my time, money or calories at a burger ‘restaurant’ as most offer mass produced, frozen, poor quality, cheap, fat filled junk.

However, this week I visited GBK – The Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Nottingham.

I was massively impressed not only with the food but by the staff, ambiance and service. This is not ‘your average burger joint’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Here’s our YouTube Audio / Visual Review:

GBK is not ‘fast food’ either. It’s more higher end, individually produced, made to order, fresh food with quality ingredients aimed at people who try to care about what they consume when having an indulgent treat.

I am not going to pretend for a second that Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a healthy option – it isn’t.

Most burgers on the menu average 800 calories.

Their burgers are dressed with endless sauces, chutney’s and decoration – again though, they somehow appear and feel much healthier than your regular ketch-up filled bun….

Review GBK Gourmet Burger

I’m a believer that ‘carbs are the devil’ and what attracted me to GBK is that they offer a ‘bunless burger’ option.

What I loved is that they don’t waste time with dopey ‘wraps’ that I end up being thrown away….they simply give you the burger with a green salad and really delicious coleslaw.

The coleslaw (Homeslaw) is perfectly dressed for me without mayo – very tasty and much healthier! Plenty of it too.

Here’s an example of the (gluton free) ‘bunless burger’ plate……

Bunless FLuton Free Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK

GBK offer various styles of burgers including beef, lamb, chicken, haddock & even buffalo.

Interestingly I was more impressed by the non-beef burgers…..

I especially loved the lamb burger. It was a 6oz lamb burger with minted feta, harissa mayo, rocket, pickled onion & relish. Incredibly moist and the best flavour on the menu that I tasted.

The Cajun Blue burger was also a delight. This is not breaded chicken but is Cajun blackened chicken with blue cheese slaw, malt vinegar aioli, rocket & pickled onion.

The beef burgers were very nice, excellent compared to Burger King or McDonalds, but do try something a little different, you won’t be disappointed.

Best Fast Food Burger Review
Review Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK

As is the 2014 raison d’etre, diners love to turn healthy options into calorific disasters. Most around me added fries, onion rings, cheesy fries, dips etc etc etc….. I’m sure they were delicious but totally unnecessary in my view. I’m very old.

Portion size at BGK is impressive but not overwhelming.

I loved the atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff at GBK Nottingham could not have been more friendly, helpful, chatty and efficient.

Here’s the Chicken burger with cranberry:

Chicken Burger Gourmet Burger Kitchen GBK Review

They offer water on your table which is a nice touch.

I loved that GBK have an open kitchen and everyone can see how impeccably clean their restaurant is.

Before visiting Gourmet Burger Kitchen be sure to Google ‘GBK discount vouchers’ – they often offer 50% off or 2 4 1 discount offers throughout the UK

Bravo BGK – as burger joints go, you’ve got one of the best I’ve tasted anywhere in the world.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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