Hillstone Restaurant Orlando Review ~ Winter Park

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Hillstone Restaurant Orlando Review…..

Hillstone Restaurant @ Winter Park Orlando, Florida is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve visited in years.

From the second you arrive at this unassuming building just off Highway 4, you are in for a huge surprise….

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Who knew that from the side of an ugly freeway, you could find this oasis of calm and indulgence.

You are greeted by a warm host and have the option to use free valet parking. You can enjoy a beverage at the bar or even in the gorgeous grounds before taking your seat for dinner.

Hillstone is located on the side of Lake Killarney in Winter Park and has to be one of the most gorgeous surroundings of any restaurant I’ve visited in America – EVER!

Lake Killarney is glorious, calming, relaxing and the perfect setting for a wonderful night out….

Once seated in this unique building, made mostly of gorgeous wood with a glass front overlooking the lake, you are offered tremendous 360 views for what looks like miles. You will quickly be captivated by the ever changing scenery – especially if you visit at sunset. A true thrill.

Hillstone opened in 1996 and is more popular now than ever. There is clearly a buzz inside Hillstone as well as on the streets!

The ambiance in the restaurant is very relaxed & civilised but equally fun whilst remaining & formal. This is high-end dining without pretention.

The food at Hillstone is remarkable. It’s fresh, innovative, great flavours, wonderful quality and offers ‘the classics’ perfectly cooked with generous but not overwhelming portions.

Hillstone offers impeccable & attentive service.

To begin, I couldn’t resist the Caesar Salad which was perfect. A fabulous sauce which was light and delicate. One of the most fresh and well prepared salads I’ve been served. I can’t believe so many restaurants get it so wrong. Hillstone excel.

Next, I had to try the Deviled Eggs which is a very popular Hillstone signature dish. They went down a treat. Finally I LOVED the grilled artichoke on ‘special’. Always a favourite treat, beautifully prepared…

Next it was time for the entrees and I could have chosen any of them on the menu!

Hillstone feature everything you could want from fresh fish, chicken, pork & Rib Eye, Filet, New York Strip steaks.

A personal favourite is Barbecue Pork Ribs – Hillstone have mastered the art of keeping them moist, wonderfully tender and full of flavour. As the menu claims, the meat really does fall off the bone.

I chose to have my ribs without fries and opted for the coleslaw which was exceptional….

Next, I couldn’t resist trying the ‘Hillstone Burger’ which again was cooked to perfection – beautifully moist, tender and high quality beef seasoned brilliantly.

Don’t miss out on the ‘Spaghetti Squash’ as a side – so unique and very refreshing.

A huge highlight of the meal was the enormous ‘Jumbo Fried Shrimp’. Sensational! These mammoth langoustine come with remoulade, cocktail sauce and the in-house delicious coleslaw…..

Don’t miss out on dessert!

The Key Lime Pie & Five Nut Brownie were two of the most moreish and fabulously calorificly disastrous delights I’ve enjoyed in years.

So wrong but the perfect finale…..

I cannot speak highly enough of Hillstone @ Winter Park Orlando.

This restaurant is so unique and offers the service, welcome and food to match the phenomenal views and atmosphere.

Bravo to Hillstone’s creators – as far as I’m concerned they have everything right!

Two huge thumbs up. I’m off to the gym to work off the Brownie.

Review by Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz @ Orlando on 11/1/2014

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