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Is John Travolta Gay? Know All About The Controversy

John Travolta is an american actor, born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, is an accomplished actor, singer, and dancer whose career has spanned several decades. He gained widespread fame for his breakout roles in the 1970s, particularly in films like “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease,” solidifying his status as a Hollywood heartthrob. The Hollywood icon has faced persistent rumors about his sexuality for years. In this article, we uncover the truth behind John Travolta sexuality.

Is John Travolta Gay?

No, He is not gay.In the 1980s, a male adult film actor named Pal Baressi said that he had a passionate romantic relationship with actor John Travolta. He claimed Travolta paid him for their time together, and this went on for three years. Baressi shared this story with The National Enquirer, but Travolta didn’t respond to these claims.

However, rumors persisted. Some people said they saw Travolta going to bathhouses in Los Angeles. At first, these rumors were ignored, but they came back in a book by Robert Randolph called “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again.” He said he saw Travolta at these bathhouses with other men for more than ten years. Again, Travolta denied these claims.

Then, in 2006, Travolta was photographed kissing his male nanny. He said it was just a friendly kiss. In 2007, during an award show, he kissed Kirk Douglas on the lips in public, causing the rumors to start again.

Things got more serious in 2012 when two male massage therapists accused Travolta of sexually assaulting them. They described incidents where they said Travolta went too far. However, the court dismissed these claims, and Travolta said he wasn’t even in Los Angeles at the time.

That same year, there was talk about an alleged affair with a male pilot named Doug Gotterba. Gotterba claimed they had a relationship that lasted over six years before ending in 1987, just before Travolta got together with Kelly Preston, whom he eventually married in 1992. Travolta’s representatives dismissed these claims as an attempt for attention and money.

Although none of these allegations have been proven true, many have been made over a long period. Despite this, Travolta insists he’s straight and always has been. He points to his past relationships with women, including his long marriage to Kelly Preston, who sadly passed away in 2020. Travolta says he’s been single since then to focus on his kids and career.

So, is John Travolta bisexual, gay, or something else? It’s unclear and may remain a mystery. Rumors about his sexuality have followed him throughout his career and might not stop anytime soon. It seems like Travolta prefers to keep this part of his life private.

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John Travolta Dating History

John Travolta had an important relationship with actress Diana Hyland, whom he met while filming a movie together. Despite their age difference, they fell in love. Sadly, Diana passed away from cancer, leaving Travolta devastated. He later briefly dated French actress Catherine Deneuve. Travolta also had an on-and-off relationship with actress Marilu Henner, whom he met during a stage musical called Grease, before they eventually parted ways for good.

John Travolta Biography

John Travolta is an american actor. He was Born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, John Joseph Travolta exhibited an early passion for performance arts. His initial foray into acting began on stage, where he honed his craft in musicals such as “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever.” However, it was his breakout role as Vinnie Barbarino in the popular sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter” in the mid-1970s that propelled him into the limelight.

Travolta’s magnetic presence and innate talent soon garnered attention, leading to his iconic performances in landmark films. His portrayal of Tony Manero in “Saturday Night Fever” earned him an Academy Award nomination and catapulted him to international fame. The electrifying disco dance moves paired with his natural charm captivated audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as a bona fide star.

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Final Verdict 

Despite persistent rumors and allegations surrounding John Travolta’s sexuality over the years, there isn’t concrete evidence to confirm his sexual orientation. Several claims and incidents have sparked speculation, but Travolta himself has repeatedly stated that he is straight. He has been in relationships with women, notably his marriage to Kelly Preston. While rumors and stories about his alleged involvement with men have circulated, none of these claims have been substantiated or proven true. Travolta maintains his privacy regarding this aspect of his life, emphasizing his focus on family and career. 


Q1. Is John Travolta gay? 

There have been persistent rumors and allegations about John Travolta’s sexuality for years. Despite various claims and speculations, Travolta himself has repeatedly stated that he is straight. He has been in relationships with women, including his marriage to Kelly Preston.

Q2. Who is John Travolta Dating Right now?

John Travolta isn’t seeing anyone right now. Since his wife passed away, he hasn’t been in a confirmed relationship or connected romantically with anyone. In 2021, people talked about him dating Terri Irwin, but she quickly said it wasn’t true

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