JiDion Net Worth

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JiDion Net Worth

JiDion is a popular name when it comes to American social media stars. He is a YouTuber best known for his prank videos and comic content that always goes viral no matter what. He has been doing this for years now, and throughout his career, he has been able to impress a major size of audience. 

Today, he has a net worth of $1 million and has built his career to the top with extreme hard work and unique idea content. JiDion has a total of three YouTube channels, and he is thriving on each of them with a huge subscriber base and millions of viewers. 

JiDion is one of the self-made stars and has worked passionately for the same. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about his journey from nothing to a popular social media star. Therefore, let’s skim through it. 

JiDion Net Worth 

JiDion Net Worth 2023$1 million. 
JiDion Net Worth 2022$1 million. 
JiDion Net Worth 2021Unknown
JiDion Net Worth 2020Unknown. 

As of 2023, JiDion has a net worth of $1 million. He earns the majority of his income from his YouTube channels, where he has a huge base of subscribers. According to many online reports, he makes $65.1k every three months, and every 1000 views on his YouTube videos gains an appreciable amount of $1.21. 

His YouTube channel makes him an amount of $21.1k every month. If we put up the figures roughly together, then it can be concluded that JiDion earns somewhere between $178k to $1 million from his YouTube channel.

JiDion is steadily growing his subscriber base on his YouTube channel, and soon enough, he will be one of the top YouTubers. There are many, many predictions out there on the internet that JiDion is going to have a much bigger net worth in the coming years. 

JiDion Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth 12 December 2000. 
Age22 years. 
Place Of Birth Houston, Texas, USA. 
Nationality American.
ProfessionYouTuber and Comedian. 
Spouse Unmarried. 
Siblings Unknown. 
Kids None. 

JiDion Biography 

JiDion marked the beginning of his YouTube career by uploading a video of himself in 2019 in which he attempted to resell various items at his high school. “Giving Strangers The N-Word PASS” was the first viral video that garnered him an appreciable audience base in 2019. Since then, he has been growing at a good pace, and in 2023, he has a subscriber base of 7.54 million. 

He also tried to grow his reach on Twitch in 2020, but it all took a wrong turn when his account was banned due to “extreme harassment.” It happened when JiDion asked his fanbase to spam “L + ratio” in the chat of another Twitch streamer, Pokimane. 

In the year 2023, he announced his partnership with Rumble. His first live stream on the platform was on April 8. He recorded himself with Adin Ross, Sneako, and others at UFC 287. 

Other than these, JiDion has also been involved in many controversies that have led to something or the other. His most recent controversy was back in March when he was arrested for trespassing in the Galleria and later for hanging up a painting of the Mona Lisa with his face on it in the Louvre in Paris. 

JiDion In The News

JiDion has always been part of the top media headlines, given his controversies. This time he appeared in the headlines when he opened up on the Flagrant podcast with Andrew Schulz about how he almost backed out from the viral WNBA sleeping prank. 

Though, he gave in after his friends convinced him to grab a pillow and a sleeping bag and head out the side seats of the court. The prank got millions of views and became one of the viral ones. 


Is JiDion Married?

No. JiDion is not married. The social media star has kept his personal life very private, and as per many sources, he is not dating someone currently. 

What Made JiDion Popular? 

His YouTube, Twitch, and Rumble presence altogether have garnered him all the needed spotlight throughout the years. He has partnered with many of the popular streaming names, and all of them have garnered him much-needed popularity. 

Is JiDion Globally Popular?

Yes. JiDion is not only popular in America but also globally. His range of content and controversies have made him a known figure in the rest of the world too. 

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