Jimmy Savile Final BBC Radio 2 Alex Belfield Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jimmy Savile Final BBC Radio 2 Alex Belfield Interview….

In 2011 Alex Belfield visited Jimmy Savile at his Leeds home for the BBC.

Little did Belfield know that this would be the most listened to, high profile and most compelling interview of his career.

Since Savile’s death, this interview has been broadcast in full on BBC Radio 2 (as a tribute) and appeared in the Daily Star, Mirror and twice in the Sun Newspaper as well as being played around the world.

This interview has had over half a million hits on YouTube.

Jimmy Savile Alex belfield
Jimmy Savile BBC Interview & Life Story final chat
Alex Belfield Jimmy Savile

Here’s Jimmy’s last revealing (and totally creepy) Exclusive 50 minute interview recorded at his home in Leeds with Alex Belfield……

Savile was the Star of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ and ‘Top of the Pops’ and at 84 was as fun, funny and as entertaining as ever.

Jimmy’s greatest achievement was raising over £40 million for charity….now one can only question why he did it and what access that money bought?

Belfield and Savile talked for over two hours about his life and wonderfully colourful career.

This interview was Jimmy’s final in-depth interview.

Savile admitted straight away “I’m tricky, and if you’re tricky you can get away with it”.

Who could have known the importance of this statement?

Well, as it turns out, a lot of people could have, including those running the BBC, those at hospitals and even children’s homes who seemingly turned a blind eye to his despicable crimes.

Bedrooms in hospitals, caravans at children’s home and sex in morgues – you are forced to question who was paid to allow Savile access to commit his atrocities?

Here’s some very interesting segments of the interview:

Part 1 – Savile: “I won’t go to heaven”…..

Part 2 – Savile, the Beatles & John Lennon…..

Part 3 – Savile and Frank Sinatra….

Part 4 – Jimmy and his mother ‘The Duchess’…..

If you do not have time to listen to the entire interview, here’s Savile’s final confessions:

This interview was published in a two page spread in the Sun newspaper the day after he died. The interview later was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Christmas Day 2011 at 9pm, the UK’s number 1 radio station.

Judge for yourself whether you think he was “tricky”, just “very strange” or simply and evil criminal.

Jimmy Oct 2012

Savile’s Leeds home recorded 2011:

Alex Belfield Jimmy Savile interview

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio & BBC recorded 2011.

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