Kelly Rowan Net Worth

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Kelly Rowan Net Worth

Kelly Rowan, a film actress and former fashion model with Canadian film excellence, has graced both the big and small screens with her remarkable talent and undeniable charisma. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Rowan embarked on a journey that would see her rise from a budding actress to one of Canada’s most revered film personalities. 

Over the years, she has delivered performances that have captivated audiences and contributed significantly to the cinematic landscape. In this article, we explore Kelly Rowan’s net worth.

What is the net worth of Kelly Rowan?

As of 2023, Kelly Rowan has an estimated net worth of $30 million, a testament to her dedication, talent, and indelible mark on the entertainment world.

Kelly Rowan Net Worth 2023$30 million
Kelly Rowan Net Worth 2022$28 million
Kelly Rowan Net Worth 2021$26 million
Kelly Rowan Net Worth 2020$24 million

Factors Contributing to Her Net Worth:

Acting Roles: A significant portion of Kelly’s wealth comes from her roles in films and television. She earned her fee and residuals with each project, especially from hit series like “The O.C.”

Endorsements: Being a recognised face has its perks. Kelly has been the face of several brands, endorsing products ranging from cosmetics to apparel. These endorsements have added a substantial amount to her net worth.

Modelling: Kelly had a successful modelling career before fully immersing herself in acting. Her modelling stints, especially during her younger days in global fashion capitals, contributed to her early financial success.

Business Ventures: Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Kelly is a savvy businesswoman. She has invested in various ventures, including a production company and a clothing line. 

Kelly Rowan Biography

Born on October 26, 1965, in the vibrant city of Ottawa, Ontario, Kelly Rowan’s roots are deeply embedded in Canadian soil. From a young age, the allure of the limelight beckoned her, drawing her towards the arts. While Ottawa bustled with political fervour, young Kelly was enchanted by the world of acting and modelling. 

Her innate talent and passion for the craft were evident early on. The city, known more for its political significance, unknowingly nurtured a budding starlet who would go on to shine brightly on global stages. Her initial forays into modelling and acting were but a glimpse of the illustrious career that awaited her.

Kelly Rowan Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 26 October 1965 
Age 57 years
Place of birthOttawa, Ontario, Canada 
Spouse N/A
ProfessionCanadian Film Actress 
Kids Braelin Thomson

Kelly Rowan Career Highlights

Kelly Rowan’s cinematic journey began in earnest in 1984, marking the start of a career that would span decades and encompass a myriad of roles that showcased her versatility as an actress. Her early roles laid the foundation for a series of memorable performances.

One of her most iconic roles came with the TV series “The O.C.,” where she portrayed Kirsten Cohen. The series, which delved into the lives of affluent families in Orange County, California, saw Kelly deliver a performance that resonated with audiences worldwide. Her portrayal was heartfelt and genuine, earning her accolades and solidifying her position in the television industry.

Another standout role was in the TV series “Perception,” where she showcased her ability to delve deep into complex characters, further proving her mettle as a top-tier actress.

On the film front, Kelly’s performances have been equally commendable. She made a significant impact with movies like “The Gate,” where she played a pivotal role in this horror classic. Her portrayal in “Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh” added depth to the horror genre. At the same time, her role in “One Eight Seven” showcased her ability to fit into diverse film narratives seamlessly.

Kelly Rowan Personal Life

From the spotlight and the red carpet events, Kelly Rowan’s personal life has seen its share of notable moments. One of the most talked-about aspects of her life was her engagement to Canadian billionaire David Thomson. As the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, David is a prominent figure in the business world, and their union was a significant event in both the entertainment and business circles.

Kelly and David welcomed a beautiful daughter, Anya, into the world on April 28, 2008. Anya’s birth added a new dimension to Kelly’s life, bringing her joy and responsibilities as a mother.

However, life has its twists and turns. Before Anya’s birth, Kelly and David decided to part ways, ending their engagement. Such personal moments can be challenging, especially in the public eye, but Kelly has always handled her private affairs with grace and dignity.

Kelly Rowan Philanthropy and Activism

Beyond her on-screen presence, Kelly Rowan has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to positively impacting the world. Her philanthropic endeavours and activism efforts reflect her dedication to causes close to her heart.

A notable aspect of her philanthropic journey is her association with the David Suzuki Foundation. This foundation, founded by environmentalist David Suzuki, focuses on sustainable living and conservation. Kelly’s involvement with the foundation showcases her concern for the environment and her desire to promote sustainable practices that ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

Furthermore, Kelly has also lent her support to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). As one of the world’s leading conservation organisations, WWF works towards protecting endangered species and their habitats. Kelly’s association with WWF underscores her commitment to wildlife conservation and her belief in the importance of biodiversity.


How old is Kelly Rowan? 

Kelly Rowan was born on October 26, 1965. As of 2023, she is 57 years old.

What contributed to Kelly Rowan’s net worth? 

Kelly Rowan’s impressive net worth is a culmination of her successful acting career in film and television, endorsements from various brands, her early modelling assignments, and her savvy business ventures, including investments in real estate and her own production company.

How much does Kelly Rowan make per month? 

While exact figures can vary based on projects and endorsements, it’s estimated that Kelly Rowan’s monthly income is around $150,000, encompassing her acting roles, residuals, acceptance, and other income sources.

What is Kelly Rowan’s annual salary? 

Kelly Rowan’s annual salary is estimated to be around $2 million. This figure includes her earnings from acting roles, royalties from past projects, and other income streams. It’s worth noting that this figure can fluctuate based on the projects she undertakes in a given year.

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