Kim Kardashian’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Journey

Prashant Kumar

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

A question that often pops up and is asked of Hollywood is: Who are the celebs that have taken the world by storm and have gone under the knife to accentuate their beauty? 

Though many are hesitant to not open up about procedures they might have undergone, Kim has never been shy to speak openly about her insecurities with self-image. Kim Kardashian first came under the spotlight as a BFF of Paris Hilton.

 She’s one of the most sought-after celebs and style icons who has that midas tough to turn anything into pure gold with her slightest touch simply. Unsurprisingly, the beauty founder has changed the way she looks pretty often.

Dr Jason Diamond states: “The most popular treatment I am doing for my celebrity clients is Diamond Skin Tightening, which is a treatment that boosts collagen production. Everyone wants tight skin to look camera-ready at all times,”. 

The celebrity doctor has also opened up about Diamond Facial Sculpting, yet another hit amongst celebrities, going for plastic surgery.

What’s Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery Timeline?

Though difficult for us to decipher what she might have done, she had a much softer and refined look. Her cheeks were much fuller. So were her eyes, which had a smooth and youthful charm. She might have also had thermal-energy-based treatment that helped contour and tighten the tissues close to her jawline and neck.

When questioned about the cosmetic alternations that she might have had, she responded: “A little bit of Botox” and “no filler” in her cheeks or lips. “Never filled either one, ever,” Kim confirmed. “I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips … My eyebrows are real.”

Has Kim Kardashian had Plastic Surgery? A Nose Job, Perhaps?

As we browsed through her personal Instagram feeds, we saw many pictures of the young Kimmie, her family and her close friends like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Swiping through these shots, it is simple to assume that Kim certainly had a lot of surgeries over the period. 

However, Kim insists that the visual difference in her appearance that makes people assume that those plastic surgery rumours are worth believing- is nothing more than the byproduct of makeup, angles and the light of the cameras.

When questioned by Harper Bazaar, she stated: “Everyone always thinks I’ve had my nose done or my lips done or just anything to my face like besides Botox, which to me isn’t plastic surgery,” She even clarified. “People always say I’ve had a nose job, and they’ll use before and after pictures, but the after picture is taken before. It’s so funny, it just depends on how your nose is contoured.”

Kim Breast Augmentation Controversy

It’s undeniable that Kim’s look has become super glam along with her A-lister status. The keeping up with the Kardashians actor has taken help from Dr Jason Diamond, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, to drown in the Elerix of beauty, as reported by US Weekly.

A cosmetic surgeon at MYA claims that Kim went through treatments such as breast augmentation. The doctor suggested that Kim underwent breast enlargement when she was a part of “Keeping up with the Karshanians”. 

He stated that There appears to be more fullness to her breasts whilst still staying in proportion to her frame; she has asked for a natural breast enlargement.” But shunning the rumours, Kim announced in July that she had never undergone such aesthetic treatments, ultimately ending the rumours.

Kim Butt injection

Some surgeons claim that there are various other possible ways that she might have used to make her buts more desirable other than opting for implants.

A possible fat transfer or injections to her buttocks would cause no trouble since they were her body fat and not an implant. It might be possible that she had her fats transferred from less desirable areas and put into her buttocks to get an even curvier and sculpted look.


 Final Verdict

Kim is undoubtedly one of the most photographed women in the world, and throughout her career, several rumours about her physical appearance have always accompanied her. Irrespective of the fact that she never acknowledged having undergone any such procedures.

She admitted that she had Botox but nothing beyond that. Kim’s looks have certainly taken a drastic change over the years. Her face and body became unrecognisable. Many other celebs and commoners like us. We would like to see more of this KKW founder.



Q1: Has Kim Kardashian undergone plastic surgery? 

A: Kim Kardashian has openly discussed some of the cosmetic procedures she has undergone, including non-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers. However, she has denied getting surgical enhancements like breast or butt implants.

Q2: Did Kim Kardashian have bum implants?

 A: Kim Kardashian has consistently denied having bum implants. She attributes her curvy figure to a combination of genetics, regular exercise, and strategic styling and contouring techniques


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