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Lisa Maxwell  is an English actress and television presenter, best known for her roles in The Bill as Samantha Nixon, in EastEnders as Naomi and in Hollyoaks as Tracey Donavan.

More recently she appeared as a panelist on Loose Women @ ITV before leaving to tour ‘Over The Rainbow’ across the UK.

We caught up with Lisa on tour with Calendar Girls The Musical….

Enjoy a HD TV interview with Lisa via YouTube:

CALENDAR GIRLS The Musical by Tim Firth is on the road through 2019. It’s a belter!

With equal measure of pathos, tragedy and hysterical laughter – this is a beautifully crafted play with music by Gary Barlow.

Unlike so many, its an ALL STAR CAST that has been perfectly picked – there’s not a weak link from start to finish. Lesley Joseph, Sarah Jane Buckley, Lisa Maxwell & Sue Devaney headline this stellar West End quality cast.

This is not a spectacular, it’s a hugely clever real life astonishing story. The writing is exceptional. Few plays in history have such consistent belly laughs.

This show had its knockers in the West End, but, we love it on the road.

Enjoy our review of this timeless story of love, community and friendship…


Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE HD VIDEO Review via YouTube:

What is most delicious about this musical is that from the opening line you’re invested. There’s some saucy language – but it’s never vulgar. The show begins with three expletives. We’ve found our level!

What this show lacks in highbrow it makes up for in bucket loads of northern charm, talent and raucous lol’s.

This show is naughtier than a Yorkshire Pudding dripping in gravy…..but equally heart warming.

Enjoy an exclusive HDTV interview with Lesley Joseph via YouTube…

Unlike London, the renamed ‘The Girls’ has been crafted to within an inch of it’s life in Act 1. It’s very ‘up north’ though. Act2 could do with a little editing for my taste – lets face it we just want to see their buns!

If you like the sarcasm and word play of Victoria Wood, this is right up your cobbled gunnel!

Most thrilling is the talent. It’s a 5* company for sure led by the sensational Sarah Jane Buckley. What a voice – pitch perfect, powerful and so moving. A stunning actress. Dream casting.

The comic timing of Lesley Joseph, Lisa Maxwell and Sue Devaney is inspired. They all share the biggest laughs of the show by a mile! You can’t be trained to be this brilliant. Thrilling to see them work so effortlessly together.

The new 2019 cast of Calendar Girls:

You can see decades of crafting their unique skills in front of your eyes. Lesley’s naughtiness is divine, Lisa’s sass and timing is inspired and Sue’s voice is quite remarkable – her Christmas medley is award winning, her energy is delicious!

The entire ensemble are truly faultless and gel magnificently. Julia Hills & Judy Holt complete the ladies of the WI beautifully.

Special nods must go to Rebecca Storm who is pure class. World class talent (like Sarah) driving the narrative & heart of the entire show.

The men don’t really get a chance to shine in this piece but the kids – Tyler Dobbs & Danny Howker –  shone tonight as a bright new stars. Huge presence.

Enjoy an exclusive HD TV interview with The Girls – Sarah, Lisa & Sue…

My only words of caution is Barlow’s musical indulgence. There’s probably 5  too many opportunities for him to show off. We get it, he can write magnificently – but less is sometimes more.

Most songs in Act 2 (other than reprise) are instantly forgettable. He proves his brilliance though with Sarah & Rebecca’s 11 O’clock showstoppers.

Here’s the cast standing ovation at the Nottingham Theatre Royal in June 2019:

The finale of this production is a masterclass. Quite brilliant.

Hysterical and so beautifully timed and written I want to kiss the creatives.

Quite honestly, Act 2 has a lot of filler but I’d pay just to see the last 20 minutes. Fantastic!

For £45 a ticket (during a two year sellout tour) they could have invested in a decent set. A hospital in a field is a little low rent. This show is purely saved by the cast and writing and that is done magnificently.

This is a 4* production with a 5* cast.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 28th June 2019.

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