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At just 14 years old Lucy Thomas from Wigan, Lancashire, is already creating a huge impression with her incredibly pure and powerful voice, captivating audiences with her sensational performances on ITV’s ‘The Voice Kids’.

After her appearance on the show Lucy was immediately offered a recording contract by Cavendish Records resulting in her eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Premiere’ which will be released on 1st February 2019.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Lucy and Alex via YouTube:

The new single ‘STARLIGHT’ is an original song from the forthcoming brand new Musical ‘Rosie’, which is based on an inspirational true story from 1895.

Rosie’s life follows something of a Cinderella journey, being sent away to Ireland to be brought up in a convent after her Father dies when she is 7 years old.

Aged 17 Rosie is talent spotted and invited to be one of London’s famous Gaiety Girls, subsequently becoming a star of the West End and falling in love with an aristocratic Cavalry Guard Officer.

The establishment, including the King, is vehemently against them marrying because of her class and Catholic religion. Rosie’s fiance is even threatened with dismissal from his regiment and he is totally disowned by society.

However he risks it all to be with Rosie and they elope to Folkestone to be married. Mainly thanks to Rosie’s charisma and charm, after a couple of years of being shunned, the couple are accepted back into society after being invited to one of the most prestigious Gala Balls in London where they make a great impression.

“My mum was always singing around the house since I can remember so I suppose it just felt natural to join in. I remember being at my Nana’s 60th birthday party and feeling that I wanted to sing a song on stage to everyone.

I stood behind the microphone and sang an Adele song. My Godmother Kristina turned to my mum and said “that voice needs to be heard”. The following week, I had a singing lesson booked and that was the start of my singing adventure. I still have a half hour lesson every week, 7 years on, with Carolyn Hudson who has inspired and encouraged me.

I have the most amazing family who are my biggest fans, a really patient little sister who tags along everywhere, (she can also sing!) and I have the best friends who are so supportive and no matter what is going on in my singing career, I know I can just be ‘me’ around them.”

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th Feb 2019.

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