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Meghan Markle Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is an American member of the British royal family and former actress, found herself under the spotlight for her discernible weight loss throughout 2023. Despite the absence of direct commentary from Markle herself regarding her journey, social media platforms buzzed with conjecture, particularly revolving around the potential role of a medication known for its weight management properties. 

As fans speculated and media outlets delved deeper, a narrative emerged, weaving insights into Markle’s lifestyle, wellness practices, and the pressures of her Hollywood endeavors. This article aims to dissect Meghan Markle’s weight loss journey, exploring potential contributing factors, her approach to fitness and nutrition, and the nuances of her dietary inclinations. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind Meghan Markle’s transformation, from whispers of pharmaceutical assistance to the pillars of her wellness philosophy.

Why Has Meghan Markle Lost Weight?

Meghan’s well-being became a concern when she emerged on a warm August day in 2023 in Montecito, California, donning a wool coat and a scarf despite the sunny weather. Additionally, she sported a NuCalm biosignal processing disc on her wrist to moderate stress swiftly and reliably.

“Whenever Meghan feels overwhelmed, her appetite diminishes. Close friends have noticed she’s shed at least 15 pounds,” a source revealed exclusively to Life & Style at the time, elaborating, “She tends to lose interest in food when managing multiple responsibilities.”

In June of that year, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry faced setbacks as they were let go by Spotify and later labeled as “grifters” by a prominent executive.

“Meghan experiences heightened anxiety when she feels she’s not in command,” the insider disclosed, highlighting that following the loss of their lucrative deal with the streaming platform, the couple were eager to explore new avenues to solidify their footing in Hollywood.

“It appears that the pressure to establish herself in Hollywood is taking its toll on Meghan. The effort to carve out a place for herself, ongoing financial concerns, Harry’s frequent travels leaving her alone at home—it’s all taking a toll. She’s feeling the strain, and her friends worry she might be heading down a problematic path,” the source confided

What is Meghan Markle’s Workout Routine?

Meghan has been relatively reserved about her current fitness regimen. Still, in a 2013 interview with Shape, she admitted, “I enjoy running, but I believe it’s essential to discover a workout routine that resonates with you beyond merely striving for physical goals.

She elaborated, “Running serves as a means to clear my mind as much as it does to stay fit. I find solace in jogging. Additionally, I engage in a significant amount of hot yoga, particularly Moksha yoga, and attend Pilates sessions at Pilates Platinum in LA.”

In the same interview, the former senior working royal shared insights into her dietary habits, noting, “I make an effort to steer clear of foods that leave me feeling sluggish and lethargic. My diet primarily consists of vegetables and fish, although I do indulge in culinary delights! On weekends, I loosen the reins.

I believe that depriving oneself only intensifies cravings. For me, it’s about striking a balance—maintaining a healthy diet during the week and allowing myself to enjoy indulgences on the weekend,” she emphasized.

How did Meghan Markle Lose Weight?

Meghan Markle undertook a moderate weight loss journey after giving birth to her children. Reports indicate that managing a busy schedule caused stress, which affected her appetite and contributed to her slimming down.

Meghan Markle’s weight change became noticeable through her public appearances, where she showcased her post-baby figure. While fans expressed concerns, specific details about Meghan’s weight loss methods remain undisclosed in the available information. Nonetheless, it’s suggested that stress-induced appetite suppression played a significant role in her visible weight loss in 2023.

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Is Meghan Markle on Ozempic?

Meghan Markle experienced a moderate body transformation throughout 2023, resulting in a noticeable weight loss. While Markle has not publicly addressed her weight changes or the methods she utilized, there has been moderate speculation among social media users suggesting she may have turned to a Hollywood-notorious diabetes medication known for its weight loss effects.

What is Meghan Markle’s Diet Routine?

In a Best Health interview from May 2016, Meghan discussed her approach to eating moderately and avoiding binge eating.

Reflecting on her dietary inclinations, Meghan candidly admitted to the publication her weakness for French fries, expressing her general affection for pasta and carbohydrates. Despite these cravings, she emphasized the importance of mindfulness, particularly during filming. Meghan revealed her strategy of adhering to a vegan diet during the week while allowing herself more flexibility on weekends.

Highlighting the significance of balance, Meghan emphasized that her approach to eating is not restrictive but rather a lifestyle choice. She underscored the connection between her rigorous workout regimen and avoiding feelings of deprivation, noting that such feelings can often lead to binge eating episodes.

During her tenure on Suits, Meghan spoke to the Today show about her unabashed love for food, labeling herself a foodie. She shared her tactic of preparing a green smoothie to combat mid-afternoon fatigue, advocating for a nutritious alternative to the typical coffee fix.

Meghan generously shared her green juice recipe, advocating for customization to suit individual tastes and nutritional needs. She emphasized the benefits of nourishing the body with fresh ingredients.

Regarding snacks, Meghan revealed a preference for apple slices paired with peanut butter, a detail sourced from the authors of Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

In her writings on The Tig, Meghan expressed deep appreciation for the culinary arts, underscoring her love for good food.

Meghan and Prince Harry revealed their shared tradition of enjoying Sunday roasts in a documentary, highlighting their commitment to maintaining this practice together.

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What diet does Meghan Markle follow?

In an interview with Best Health, the Duchess shared that she has reduced her consumption of meat to enhance her well-being. “I aim to follow a vegan diet during weekdays,” she stated, “and allow myself more leeway in my food choices on weekends.”

What is Meghan Markles Favourite food?

Meghan Markle enjoys a variety of foods, many of which are relatively simple and healthy. Some of her favorites include avocado toast, veggie quinoa, fish tacos, and pasta. Overall, her preferences lean towards whole, fresh foods.

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