New Series Three Day Nanny Kathryn Mewes Interview 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s New Series Three Day Nanny Kathryn Mewes Interview 2016….

Kathryn Mewes was born in 1973 in London. In 1994 Kathryn began her career as a Norland nanny.

She stayed with families learning and growing alongside the parents. It didn’t take long before her fascination with family dynamics became her career.

After nine years as a nanny Kathryn went to Australia, where she lived for three years.

Kathryn is now a guru on good parenting, sleep, eating and more. Last year she became a mum for the first time.

Known as ‘The Three-day Nanny’, Ms. Mewes became a huge hit around the world!

The new series returns July 27th 2016 on Channel 4.

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New Series Three Day Nanny Interview Channel 4
Three Day Nanny Interview Kathryn Mewes
Kathryn Mewes Interview

Enjoy an Exclusive NEW interview with Kathryn and Alex from July 2016:

It wasn’t long before she realised that she only needed to be in a home for three days in order to bring about long-lasting change.

Kathryn returned to London in 2007 and launched her business in the UK.

She is now based in southwest London but travels the country every week working with different families on their own particular ‘family challenges’.

She goes by the name of Bespoke Nanny, and will arrive with her little suitcase, live in for up to 72 hours and then continue to guide that family by telephone.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield 20th July 2016.

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