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Rapper Wiz Khalifa On Road to Recovery After Pelvic Cartilage Tear

Rapper Wiz Khalifa recently revealed that he’s on the path to recovery after suffering from a minor tear in his pelvic cartilage. The Grammy-nominated artist, known for hits such as “Black and Yellow” and “See You Again,” shared news of his injury and ongoing recovery with his followers on Twitter, letting them know that he’s going through a tough time but remains determined. People are still searching for what happened to wiz khalifa.

The “No Social Media” rapper shared that the pain from his injury was quite intense. Using a set of canes to aid him, he updated his fans via videos where he could be seen attempting to walk.

Despite the discomfort, he exhibited his signature humor by captioning one of his updates, “4 legs were cool, but I like two better.”

The videos showcased Wiz in black Calvin Klein boxer briefs with black kinesiology tape running up and down his lower back, symbolizing the seriousness of his injury.

While the precise cause of the injury remains unclear, it’s known that Wiz Khalifa is a keen martial arts enthusiast. He even confessed to his fans that he took up martial arts because he was tired of being easy to beat up. His commitment to the discipline extended to becoming an advisor and investing in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) back in 2021.

The potential link between his martial arts training and his recent accident is yet to be confirmed, but it could possibly have been a contributing factor to his pelvic injury.

The rapper, whose real height is approximately 6’4″, took to Twitter to keep his followers updated on his health status, expressing concern about the potential of putting on weight during his recovery period. In one of his tweets, he wrote, “Barely getting outta bed bout to have ya boy packin’ on some pounds.”

Despite this, he maintained his positivity, promising his fans that he would soon have “super hips” following his recovery.

This health setback came shortly after Wiz made a rare public appearance alongside his ex-partner Amber Rose. The two were spotted together at the fourth-grade graduation ceremony of their 10-year-old son, Sebastian.

Despite their separation after a little over a year of marriage in 2013/2014, they share joint custody of their son and remain amicable. Wiz Khalifa’s current girlfriend, Aimee Aguilar, was also in attendance at the event.

The outpouring of support from fans on social media has been substantial, with numerous messages offering comfort and encouragement as Wiz battles his injury. For the time being, Wiz is confined to his bed, allowing his body the necessary time to heal his pelvis and lower back.

In the face of adversity, Wiz Khalifa’s courage and determination shine through, providing a silver lining to the situation. As the rapper embarks on his road to recovery, his fans around the world eagerly await his return, hopeful to see him back in action, delivering the music and performances they love so dearly.

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