Guy Fieri’s Linq Las Vegas Kitchen & Bar Review 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Guy Fieri’s Linq Las Vegas Kitchen & Bar Review 2015….

Guy Fieri is a culinary icon of the 21st century. With TV shows, books and restaurants across the USA – he’s a powerhouse Chef.

This fun, vibrant and loud restaurant sets the mood to party in Las Vegas.

Located in-between the Linq & Harrah’s entrances on Las Vegas Boulevard, this is truly one of the most popular eateries in Vegas this year!

With 200 seats and open from 8am – with rare outside dining – this is certainly the place to be seen!

Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen (6) Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen Linq

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So, to the food……

Guys ‘Vegas Fries’ with blue cheese is a throwback to Guy’s UNLV days.

This has kick! WOW! With spicy buffalo seasoning these are truly packed with spice.

Next, the ‘Sashimi Wan-Tacos’ were just amazing.

Fresh, crisp and packed with flavour – this is a Fieri’s heaven on a plate. Again though, this does have a slight kick from the wasabi.

This is ahi tuna wonton shells with mango-jicama salsa this is a true treat!

Sushimi Won Tacos Guy fieri's Las Vegas Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen Vegas Fries Guy fieri's

The ‘Double Barrelled BBQ Wings’ are a house special and could easily be a meal in themselves.

Tender, moist and packed with flavour – a glorious American favourite done perfectly.

The ‘Guy-Talian Fondue Dippers’ were utterly delicious. Totally moreish!

Basically the BEST bread sticks and cheese sauce you’ve ever tasted. Guy knows his audience!

Double click all images to enlarge….

BBQ Chicken wings Guy Fieri's Las Vegas Guy Fieri Review Las Vegas Guy-Talian Fondue Dippers Review

The salads at Guy Fieri’s are naturally excellent!

The ‘Morgan’s Greek Salad’ is truly authentic with hummus, radishes, feta and more – just perfect!

My favourite by a mile was the Italian Salad is just beautifully presented with prosciutto! So perfectly seasoned and fresh with olives and romaine.

The way it is presented in the prosciutto basket is divine!…

Salads Guy Fieri's Las Vegas (1) Guy Fieri Review Las Vegas 2015 Salads Guy Fieri's Las Vegas (2)

The Bacon Mac-n-Cheese Burger was a delight. With sweet seasoned fries, sauce and delicious bun – this is an American burger as it was meant to be.

With (six) Mac-N-Cheese – this is a meal in itself. With lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle – this burger is ‘award winning!’

‘The Motley Que Sandwich’ with pulled pork shoulder is Guy’s bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce. This comes stacked with Guy’s slaw and a crunchy pickle.

For me this was better than the burger! Perfect.

The fries at Guy Fieri’s are incredibly sweet and totally moreish for the American palate.

Pulled pork sandwich Guy fieri's las vegas Review Guy Fieri Las Vegas Review Burger Guy Fieri's las vegas

Finally dessert….

Guy’s ‘Cheesecake Challenge’ will blow your mind.

This is ENORMOUS and comes with pretzels, hot fudge and potato chips – who knew?

I guess this is what they call the American Dream! This is enough to feed 4, 5 or even 6 lol….

Dessert Cheesecake guy Frieri Las Vegas  Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Review Dessert Cheesecake guy Frieri Las Vegas

I also HAD to try the ‘Triple Double Mint Pie’…

With a mountain of mint chocolate chip ice-cream on an orea cookie crust – this is a chocoholics delight…

The hot fudge sauce finishes this off perfectly!

Again, enough to feed a family. Guy does not do things by halves….

Triple Double Mint Pie Guy Fieri's Las Vegas (1) Review Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen Linq Triple Double Mint Pie Guy Fieri's Las Vegas (2)

Don’t miss Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar,

The foods packed with flavour and the room has energy & atmosphere by the bucket loads!


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 29th May 2015.