2* REVIEW Madagascar Musical UK Tour

REVIEW Madagascar The Musical UK Tour…

Ermmm, I wanted to love this but sadly I cannot support this production on any level. To be clear, kids will love it and it’s OK for a night out, however, at £45 for best seats – it’s simply not up to par!

With a one dimensional, repetitive first Act under 40 minutes & no live musicians or orchestra – the whole show is played off track/cd – this just doesn’t cut it in 2018.

I was told “we don’t have the rights for Live music” – bollocks. This is a lie and a poor defence for the producers saving thousands for a band. I cannot think of another show in 20 years that have attempted this scandalous and unforgivably unethical deception.

Madagascar The Musical would be an excellent theme park production at best. This is not a professional touring musical in comparison to Wicked, Miss Saigon or even Jersey Boys – all at the same price.

A cynical 2* money spinner from all involved – including Dreamworks! BOOK TICKETS HERE!

My above 2* rating is a due to the decisions of the producers Selladoor, and does not reflect the energetic cast who do their best with what they are given.

If the music was Live and it was half the price I would give this a 4* review for children – but I cannot endorse this two year touring production as value for money, relative to what else you can see for the price. The producers have been incredibly sneaky capitalising on much loved brand.

Enjoy our HD Video review via YouTube:

Judging this show by the karaoke encore of ‘I like to move it’ – the only killer moment – would not be representative of how I felt tonight during the 2 x 40 minute acts. I was mostly bored and uninspired.

This show was trying to capture the cheekiness of Shrek and the heart of The Lion King – it fails. The costumes are somewhat laughable.

I did love the giraffe and monkey puppets which looked fab. As for the zebra, lion & hippo – well, I’ve seen better costumes at children’s parties designed from £5,99 Amazon Prime daily specials.

Madagascar the Musical is based on the timeless and much loved animated Dreamworks classic. You can now see this brand new, high energy, feelgood musical on tour in the UK through 2019.

The show revolves around a group of animals and stars Matt Terry as cheeky Alex the Lion. We also get the legends Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo all living at New York Zoo.

Madagascar offers a carefree night out – with some inappropriate double-entendre’s for the Dad’s – to keep everyone happy. This is though 100% a children’s show.

The show is directed by Kirk Jameson,  book by Kevin Del Aguila and original music and lyrics by George Noriega and Joe Someillan. It is slick but visually repetitive.

The music is instantly forgettable and the show doesn’t have a single memorable, let alone 11 O’clock, number.

Recent X Factor winner Matt Terry is hugely charismatic. He’s got a powerhouse voice and moves and unlike so many, deserves his headlining role in this production.

Akin to Pumba in the Lion King, the Lemur ‘King Julien’ steals the show played beautifully by Jo Parsons. Timmika Ramsay is delicious as Gloria, while Antoine Murray-Straughan’s is charming as was Jamie Lee Morgan.

Where this show goes wrong is that is has no heart and I felt nothing. It is incomparable to The Lion King, Frozen, Alladin or even a decent Qdos panto.

The show will tour Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Sunderland, Bridlington, Bristol and more through 2019.

I really wanted to love this. Urgggg – sickening.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 31st July 2018.

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