5* REVIEW Mamma Mia! The Party O2 London

REVIEW Mamma Mia! The Party O2 London…

Mamma Mia! The Party is simply the best night out in London in 2019!

If you love musical theatre, amazing Greek food, a breathtaking atmosphere and a good old Mediterranean booze up – this is the party for you!

This three act immersive 360 play (over four hours) is a hoot from beginning to end – currently playing at the O2 London.

This is a completely unique experience. It’s a three course 5* Greek meal with non-stop entertainment.

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It’s part play, part musical, part party and fabulous camp night out – concluding an ABBA-mania disco from 10.30pm!

The food was truly delicious & surprisingly of restaurant standard. A huge achievement for mass catering. The room is completely immersive and the show is unbearably joyous and uplifting!

You won’t be able to resist the dance floor by the end.

This night out is expensive costing between £100-£200 a ticket in London. As a one off treat – I think it is worth every penny…


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The night begins in line queuing through the film set-esk Taverna. There’s unplugged live music from the band to get you in the mood.

Allow plenty of time getting to the O2 – remember on show days at the arena you’ll be arriving/leaving with 18,000 other people!

Once checked in you’re given a complimentary drink and then you take your table.

The first thing that blows you away is the scale of the room. It’s like the movie. You are at Niko’s. Stunning on every level. The lighting is quite remarkable – the venue is utterly immersive.

You’re greeted with a meze of deliciousness including olives, bread & humus. A perfect amuse bouche to set the mood for our party night out in Greece.

Watch our EXCLUSIVE HDTV video inside the opening night inside ‘The Party’…

The London production is slightly more ‘mainstream’ than Stockholm where this show originates…in Bjorn’s hometown. This is his baby helped by Benny who obsesses over immaculate sound.

What this show proves is the prolific brilliance of Benny & Bjorn’s songbook. Instantly uplifting, heartbreaking at times but always inspiring to audiences.

There’s much more to ABBA than Dancing Queen and this show celebrates that magnificently.

You should be warned this is a community event and it is interactive. You may well find yourself on a table with people you don’t know….and have to share your / their food! That’s how they do it at Nikos. Most tables are 6 to 10 seats.

Also, the cast come among you – regularly, especially downstairs! This is not a theatre, it’s immersive live entertainment.

Here’s Bjorn’s closing speech @ MMTP O2 on September 19th 2019:

Finally on the warnings – you do not get a menu. You get what you’re given. Obviously they take care of dietary needs etc but this isn’t a restaurant or buffet.

Tonight the food was exceptional and authentic….I’m sure this won’t be to every ABBA fans taste though. It’s very Greek dear!

The script, like the musical, is somewhat irrelevant. You just get carried away by the atmosphere and love being there. It’s a love story that has been re-written by the brilliant Sandi Toksvig.

The live band & sound system drive this show like a HGV. They rock the room. STUNNING sound. Remarkable.

The talent is brilliant – that’s a given. By the end of the show Mamma Mia! is truly a party. Such joy in the room!

The show is packed with MM legends. The show is vocally faultless and hugely powerful! Nods to AJ Bentley who has never shone more brightly as a star. Joanna Monro was a born Debbie/Rosie – effortless.

Vocally Steph Parry offers a masterclass along with Julia Imbach – powerful stuff of Broadway standards. Fred Zanni is the perfect Nikos and a sets the mood brilliantly.

The entire company are wonderful….performing magnificently under what is quite difficult circumstances.

The show itself is beautifully crafted. It begins with as a play and gets bigger & bigger and louder and louder as the night progresses until it seamlessly crescendos into a disco. Stunning staging and direction.

Staged in three parts, by dessert you’re bound to be out of your seat jumping with joy at the pure electric energy in the room.

All of the actors / singers work incredibly hard to fill every inch of this huge space. Especially in Act 3 there are some truly beautiful moments.

Theatrically it’s remarkably produced and often surprising. A true joy to watch.

Akin to Cirque Du Soleil, the show never starts or ends. Be prepared for ‘things’ to happen at any time in front, behind or even right next to you! Also similar to Cirque there are some beautiful spec / aerial acts in the show.

Compliments to the entire team. From check-in to the servers – everyone seemed to love being there. This is vital!

I suspect most of the waiters are theatre people as everything is a performance at Mamma Mia! The Party. There’s a thin line between the show and the room which makes it even more glorious.

The timing of the food and show was extra-ordinary. What planning and rehearsal!

I cannot imagine anyone not being swept away by this event. It’s totally unique and done on a scale only ABBA could achieve. This is entertainment for the people! Just what we need in 2019!

Bravo ABBA for your bravery. Congrats to Ingrid Sutej for a theatrical masterclass for 2019. It’s 100% paid off in London!

The party runs late so get a hotel and enjoy every second! You need the Jubilee Line to get to the O2 at North Grenwich tube. Leave an hour from central London.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th September 2019.

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