5* Review MINDFREAK PH Las Vegas

5* Review MINDFREAK PH Las Vegas….

There’s no question that Criss Angel is THE ultimate rock star of magic.

His new production of Mindfreak @ Planet Hollywood cements my belief that he is still the biggest name in magic, the greatest showman in Las Vegas and offers one of the most incredible Live experiences in 2019. He’s theatrically & artistically untouchable.

Criss has single-handedly made this tired and repetitive genre sexy, compelling, exciting and relevant again for audiences in 2019. This new immersive show is EPIC and pushes the boundaries of his art & theatrical staging to another level.

Mindfreak has Broadway polish executed magnificently via the most innovative, impressive and brilliant sound and light technology anywhere on the planet.

Criss’s energy is faultless. Angel’s eye for perfection is flawless and his ethic is unquestionable.

I personally feel this show celebrates him, as an artiste, more than any project before. His theatrical precision is only to be admired. Unlike so many, he has crafted an all killer no filler magic show which leaves you elated, speechless and enthralled.

Criss Angel has truly re-imagined live theatre as we know it. It’s a visual feast for all of your senses. A++!

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Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE HD video tour backstage @ MINDFREAK with Criss @ YouTube:


No-one can compete with the speed in which Angel & his cast magnificently execute every single trick. His grand illusions will blow your mind during this stunning 100 minute spectacular.

The staging, costumes, lighting, audio & video of this state of the art production takes theatre and illusion to the next level. No expense is spared!

The show begins before you enter the theatre. The lobby is interactive and a museum of his life and career. You could well see yourself on one of the many HD screens – once you take your seat. He’s smart to embrace our Iphone obsession in the pre-show. Get there early.

Before the show begins enjoy a selfie in Criss’s straight jacket on stage.

Enjoy our exclusive HD VIDEO review via YouTube:

This has to be the most decadent and expensive magic show in history. Criss tells me it would cost at least $200M off the shelf.

What is also beautiful is the mix of grand illusion & close up magic mixed with true warmth, sincerity & equal measure of absurd macabre darkness of Marilyn Manson proportions!

Xristos – Criss’ alter-ego is a piece of work. You’ll cringe and squirm – this is 90’s Angel at his most shocking. At times it’s like being immersed in a gothic thriller.

Equally there are beautiful moments, moving sections and the most incredible piece of magic I’ve ever seen – Criss’ legendary levitation in the finale. Worth the ticket price alone. Incredible.

This is simply the biggest, most polished, interactive and immersive magic show in history.

Enjoy a new and exclusive HD VIDEO interview with Alex & Criss via YouTube:

Let’s be clear, magic is a game of budget and scale. Angel has millions to perfect his art.

This show doesn’t come cheap – the lighting, video screens & set are a show in themselves. There’s more lights in this show than Cirque Du Soleil’s entire shows put together in Sin City I’m told!

There truly isn’t a bad seat in the house…

Angel clearly is influenced by the mega-stars of music and understands the power of polished sound & staging. Theatre is all about emotion & connection – this show celebrates these principles throughout.

This is an arena scale rock concert. It’s loud, brash and a party.

‘The club scene’, coin trick and dove act are all intimate and compelling – staged purely on talent and personality. The adrenaline of Criss’ “Fear Alive” section is inspired immersive theatre. Exciting, moving, anthemic and heart pumping – truly glorious.

Here’s the HD video trailer for MINDFREAK by Criss Angel:

Most touching is Angels tribute to the strength of his son Johnny Christopher. Criss brings the show back to reality with a powerful message of fight and hope following his sons two year cancer battle – which he has now overcome.

From monster magic to close-up slight of hand to nightclub euphoria – MINDFREAK ticks every box to make this a glorious night out in Las Vegas.

Criss may well be hated by other magicians – I don’t blame them. He puts most of them to shame. Having last year endured the pitiful ‘Masters Of Illusion’ in Vegas, it should have been closed by trading standards. Whether you like it or not, Angel is a master of staging, production, artistry, flow, lighting, sound and magic.

An inspiring combination.

His ambition is mind blowing and he delivers.

It seems to me that few in history could compete with Angel’s precision, dedication & obsession to his craft. He ultimately delivers the most beautifully produced & compelling magic show not only in Las Vegas – but the entire world.

I’ve never seen better. Then again, I’ve never met or seen anyone who works harder than Criss Angel. Bravo!

This production does contain some adult themes and strong language.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th May 2019.

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