5* REVIEW Only Fools Cushty Dining Experience

REVIEW Only Fools Cushty Dining Experience…

Fancy a night out at the Nag’s Head with Del Trotter and his brother Rodney? Well now you can!…

The ‘Only Fools (Cushty) Dining Experience’ is three hours of non-stop immersive and interactive nonsense. If you liked Only Fools on the TV, you’ll LOVE having the cast for dinner!

It’s part quiz night, part panto, part play but mostly a LOL social hoot!

The cast work so hard to make each ‘performance’ special. Literally anything can happen – and it does.

I loved it. Brilliant value for money and an ‘old school’ night of fun & entertainment delivered by a brilliantly talented cast.

Alright Dave?! BOOK TICKETS HERE and find out when it’s coming to a town near you!

Enjoy my HD video review via YouTube:

Only Fools – The (Cushty) Dining Experience is the latest production from International Theatre Interactive, the people behind the Faulty Towers Dining Experience and Confetti and Chaos.

The show currently plays in London at the Radisson Grafton Hotel weekly and is touring the country with three casts. We saw the show at the lovely Wisteria Hotel in Oakham in April 2019.

Wherever you see the show, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh when you’re given exactly what it says on the tin – the Only Fools dining experience…

The show taps into the love for John Sullivan’s original series. The story centres around Del Boy’s desperation to pay off some very dodgy dudes! We get caught up in his cockameme scheme raise the cash.

There’s the obvious Rodney’s wooing of Cassandra and Marlene and Boycie’s baby making shenanigans – all in-between a pie and pea three-course supper.

The cast are quite remarkable and work their arses off to deliver a high energy non-stop party. From acting ‘the play’ to serving the dinner – they do it all! You even get a selfie at the end…

The show begins with drinks rudely interrupted by Del and Rodders. As the story begins we’re soon whisked off to begin the quiz and dinner.

This is a interactive experience – this is not a show like in a theatre. It is likely you’ll be a part of the show. The energy of the punters is a big part of this productions success.

Tonight, it was a great crowd and everyone had a hoot!

Nick Moon is an exceptional and believable Del and crusty Uncle Albert. He’s authentic, charismatic, funny and immediately endearing. A true theatre energy and talent.

Lawrence Watling NEVER leaves character and is a quite brilliant Rodney / Dave. Brilliant.

Kat Mary Gillham is not only the creator of the show but offers big laughs and great warmth as Marlene whilst Rob Taylor-Hastings proves a versatile performer playing Slater, Boycie and Trigger.

Watch our exclusive HD VIDEO from the ‘Cushty Experience’…

We enjoyed a top night out at the Wisteria Hotel for the ‘Only Fools Dining Experience’. Fabulous service & a team who understood the purpose of the night completely. A joy to visit this restaurant and hotel in Oakham.

The food is quite honestly basic, but that’s not why you go. It delivers what it promised with soup, mash and pie and dessert.

This is a community experience and every single person is on the same page throughout the evening. That’s remarkable in 2019.

The drive of Moon makes this show a delight. The timing and pacing of the evening is inspired leaving everyone well fed, hugely entertained and having experienced one of the most hysterical, unique and well produced nights out in Britain in 2019!

Bravo. Loved it.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 6th April 2019.

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