Review Pizza Rock Restaurant Vegas

Review Pizza Rock Restaurant Downtown Las Vegas….

Pizza Rock located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas is not a pizzeria, it’s an Italian restaurant that does sensational pizza’s – very rare!

With a high energy cool vibe and DJ fabulously playing from truck at the centre of the restaurant during peak hours, this is a great place for a family dinner, guys night out or bachelorette party – all enjoying at the same time during my comfortable visit.

With hearty cuisine of Italian classics and very reasonable prices, Pizza Rock is a restaurant I will definitely return to.

Pizza Rock takes this American delicacy to the next level! Devised by friends George, Tony and Trevor – they have 11-time World Pizza Champion titles & endless experience in nightlife and restaurant success between them.

We revisited in 2017 and the food was not as exceptional. Maybe it was a bad night?


Pizza Rock REview Downtown Las vegas
Review Pizza Rock Downtown Las vegas
Bar Pizza Rock REview Downtown Las vegas

Enjoy our Exclusive review via YouTube:

To begin there are some remarkable appetisers…..

I could easily make a meal of these by themselves.

DON’T miss the meatballs – beautifully tasty and tender and a sensational sauce.

Next, the Pizza Rock Italian Chopped Salad was wonderfully refreshing. With a kick from the peppers, this could easily be a meal in itslf. Do share….

And don’t miss the clams. Rare these days, these were cooked perfectly!

Menu Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas Meatballs
Menu Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas Chop Salad
Menu Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas Clams

One of my favourite dishes was the Salumi & formaggio board.

I loved this with assorted meats and cheeses plum fig jam, candied walnuts and rosemary focaccia toast – gorgeous!

You can’t get this in Pizza Hut!….

Review menu Pizza Rocks Las Vegas

Next, to the Pizzas….

Pizza Rocks have a remarkable selection of Pizzas. From Calzone’s to Romana – they do it all…and incredibly well!

One of my favourites was the Napoletana award winning Margherita which is cooked at 900 degrees for just 90 seconds for perfection – extra-ordinary.

The Cal Italia was divine and an award winner at the Pizza Championships.

With flavour packed gorgonzola & fig preserve with amazingly tender prosciutto on top, this is a rare treat….

Best Award winning pizza downtown Las Vegas

My personal favourite by a mile was the Sausage and Stout – good lord that was good!

Made with Honey Malted Guinness, Beer Dough, House Made Mozzarella, Beer Sausage, Caramelized Onions, Fontina, Green Onions, Crushed Red Peppers, Beer Salt & Sweet Guinness Reduction – this is superb!

Finally another lovely pie was the New Yorker.

This was a mammoth mouthful of deliciousness with sliced Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Sliced House Link Sausage, Garlic, Pepperoni & Ricotta….

Pizza Rocks margherita award winning pizza downtown las vegas
Sausage and stout best Pizza Rocks review
Pizza Rocks Review

Finally, don’t miss dessert at Pizza Rocks.

The ‘Desert Calzone’ went down a treat at the table with Fuji Apples, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Caramel Drizzle, Vanilla Gelato.

Next, the Mud Pie could easily feed 2, 3, or possibly 4! House Made Oreo Cookie Crust and Chocolate Ganache, Coffee and Vanilla Bean Flavored Ice Cream, Topped with Hot Fudge, Caramel and House Made Whipped Cream.

My favourite by a mile was the beautifully presented ‘Tony’s Tiramisu’ with Malibu Rum Infused Lady Fingers, Shaved Valrhona Chocolate, Showered in Frangelico.

Dessert Pizza Rocks Menu review
Desserts Pizza Rock Las Vegas Chocolate Mud cake
Dessert Pizza Rock Menu Tiramisu

Don’t miss Pizza Rock Downtown Las Vegas. One of the best, most friendly and fun pizza joints in town!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio May 2017.

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