Review Young Frankenstein Musical

Review Young Frankenstein Musical Garrick…

From the genius behind The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs – you’re going to be gobsmacked by Young Frankenstein!

It’s bonkers, silly, camp, brilliant and written to perfection by comic genius Mel Brooks.

The ludicrous feel-good laugh-fest offers just over 2 hours of Broadway standard all-singing, all-dancing showstoppers from start to end. It’s a musical thrill!

Susan Stroman’s choreography is breathtaking, especially in act 2.

With a 5* cast lead by the breathtakingly brilliant Hadley Fraser, you cannot fail to be impressed by the energy, precision, effortlessness and perfection of this company.

Having previewed at the gorgeous Newcastle Theatre Royal, this Broadway smash opens in the West End pn September 28th at the Garrick Theatre.


Enjoy our HD Video review (with standing ovation) via YouTube:

Starring Ross Noble, Lesley Joseph, Dianne Pilkington & Summer Strallen – it’s a stunning cast. Hadley Fraser steals the show as Young Frankenstein.

His vocals are remarkable, his clarity and precision is only to be admired and his comic timing, as the straight guy, is brilliant.

Brooks knows how to write a showstopper, Hadley makes these tongue-twisters look easy!

Based on the 1974 Oscar-nominated film co-written with Thomas Meehan and starring Gene Wilder, the brand new production follows a Broadway run that closed in 2009.

This ain’t Mamma Mia, you need to pay attention. There’s a gag a minute.

From slapstick to nob-gags, you can’t fail but laugh your hump off!

Young Frankenstein is familiar in places. If you loved The Producers (the greatest musical ever written), you can’t go wrong.

There are endless similarities throughout not only in tone but also in the storyline but visually & theatrically too.

It’s schticky, silly and at times Panto – but genuinely bloody funny! Only Brooks could rhyme ‘familiar’ with ‘genitalia’. Genius!

It’s cheeky and you have to pay attention. It moves at 100mph. There’s a gag on EVERY corner! There’s little swearing, but tons of double-entendre.

When Frederick Frankenstein (can’t remember how to pronounce it), a New York brain surgeon and professor, inherits a Transylvanian castle and laboratory from his grandfather, he quickly has some life changing decisions to make.

Will it end in love or tragedy?

Originally opening on Broadway in 2007, we were less keen. This new production has cut nearly an hour of filler and boiled it down to all killer! It never gets boring.

Ross Noble nails Igor with boundless energy – he’s perfectly cast.

Meanwhile Summer Strallen is naturally delicious on every level, Lesley Joseph is a legend and joy to watch and Dianne Pilkington plays the perfect part of the temptress – look but don’t touch! They can all sing the roof off.

Nods to Shuler Hensley came to life in the closing minutes and stole the show with a glorious silhouette dance deliciously devised by the stunning eye of Stroman.

Young Frankenstein is a brilliant 3 hours of escapism.

This is Mel Brooks at his most daft, joyous and free-thinking. The parodies of other shows, styles, genres are delightful. He loves his ‘in’ jokes…and so do we!

Whether you have seen the film, know of Brooks’ work or are turning up blind – you’ll have a fantastic time.

Don’t miss Young Frankenstein this Autumn at The Garrick Theatre in London.

Review coming September 7th 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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