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Robert Lewandowski Net Worth-Salary, Endorsements and More

Robert Lewandowski, a Polish footballer and global sporting icon, has amassed a net worth of around $85 million as of 2024. His success in football, endorsement deals, and wise investments have contributed to his impressive financial portfolio. Lewandowski’s dedication, talent, and strategic career choices have made him a global sporting icon. His net worth is a testament to these qualities. In this article, we delve into Robert Lewandowski salary, net worth, Investments and Endorsements.

What is Robert Lewandowski’s net worth in 2024?

Robert Lewandowski’s net worth is estimated at $85 million. 

Robert Lewandowski Net Worth 2024$85 Million
Robert Lewandowski Net Worth 2023$82.5 Million
Robert Lewandowski Net Worth 2022$75 Million
Robert Lewandowski Net Worth 2021$67.5 Million

What is Robert Lewandowski Salary?

Robert Lewandowski earns a salary of $7.5 million annually, which translates to approximately $0.6 million per month.

Significant financial milestones have marked Lewandowski’s journey through the ranks of European football. His tenure with Bayern Munich, where he solidified his reputation as one of the world’s best strikers, was particularly lucrative. Reports suggest that during his time at Bayern, Lewandowski earned a yearly income significantly contributing to his net worth. 

In 2022, following his move to FC Barcelona, his financial prospects continued to flourish, with his salary and bonuses from the club further bolstering his earnings.

Lewandowski’s football contracts have been a primary source of his wealth, reflecting the high market value placed on his exceptional talent.

Robert Lewandowski Endorsement Deals

Lewandowski became Huawei’s global ambassador in November 2015, signing a three-year deal. However, the cancellation of this sponsorship is expected to cost him approximately 5 million euros. Additionally, he secured a $1 million deal with Oshee.

His endorsement portfolio extends beyond Huawei and Oshee. In 2013, he inked a significant contract with Nike, followed by an agreement with EA Sports in 2015, featuring alongside Lionel Messi in their FIFA video game series.

Renewing his contract with Gillette for the third consecutive year, Lewandowski’s brand ambassadorships also include Head & Shoulders, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola (prior to his switch to Oshee), and 4F.

In entrepreneurship, Lewandowski launched his RL9 clothing brand as a primary business venture. He also sells RL9 coffee and nutritional products under the company Foods by Ann, co-owned with his wife.

While specifics on his earnings from each endorsement remain undisclosed, Lewandowski’s financial future appears secure even after retiring from professional football.

Robert Lewandowski earns over $10 million annually through endorsements, in addition to his earnings from his club. His notable partners include Nike, Huawei, EA Sports, Canal+, Gillette, Opel, and Procter & Gamble.

Lewandowski is recognized for his disciplined fitness regimens and health-conscious lifestyle, which enhances his appeal as a brand ambassador.

As per a 2021 Forbes report, Lewandowski’s endorsement earnings amount to $7 million. He was ranked 48th among the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2021 by Forbes.

Robert Lewandowski Investments and Business Ventures

Lewandowski’s financial acumen includes investments and business ventures, diversifying his income. He has invested in luxury properties in Poland and abroad, securing his financial future and increasing his net worth. Lewandowski’s passion for cars, including luxury vehicles from Maserati, Aston Martin, and Ferrari, has a collection estimated to be in the millions.

Robert Lewandowski Biography

Robert Lewandowski, born in 1988 in Warsaw, Poland, was influenced by a sporting culture from a young age. His passion for football was fueled by discipline, hard work, and a deep-seated passion for the game. Lewandowski’s first professional football experience began with local Polish leagues, where he developed his skills and goal-scoring prowess. He started his career at Varsovia Warsaw, a small club in his hometown, where he honed his technique and understanding of the game. 

Robert Lewandowski Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 21 August 1988
Age35 years
Spouse Anna Lewandowska (m. 2013)
ProfessionPolish football player
KidsKlara Lewandowska, Laura Lewandowska
SiblingsMilena Lewandowska
BirthplaceWarsaw, Poland
Annual income$7.5 Million +
Monthly Income$0.6 Million +
Salary$7.5 Million +

Lewandowski’s move to Lech Poznań, one of Poland’s top clubs, allowed him to showcase his goal-scoring capabilities to a broader audience. His success at Lech Poznań made him a household name in Poland and attracted attention from scouts from major European leagues. His career was marked by rapid growth and development, setting the stage for his eventual move to the Bundesliga and beyond, where he achieved global fame and recognition.

Robert Lewandowski  Personal Life

Lewandowski leads a fulfilling personal life away from the spotlight of international football. He is married to Anna Lewandowska, a nutrition specialist and athlete, with whom he shares a strong bond over fitness and health. Together, they have two daughters, Klara and Laura, and Lewandowski often shares glimpses of his family life, showcasing the importance he places on family values and time spent with loved ones.


What is Robert Lewandowski’s net worth in 2024?

Robert Lewandowski’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $85 million. This figure reflects his earnings from a successful football career, endorsement deals, and various investments.

How does Lewandowski’s income from football compare to his earnings from endorsements?

Lewandowski’s income from football, particularly from his contracts with Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona, forms a significant portion of his earnings. However, his endorsement deals with major brands like Nike, Huawei, and EA Sports also contribute a substantial amount to his net worth. While his football income provides the foundation of his earnings, endorsements enhance his financial portfolio, showcasing his marketability off the pitch.

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