Supreme Patty Net Worth

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Supreme Patty Net Worth

Supreme Patty is one of the most popular American content creators and social media personalities, with a net worth of $4 million. He has been in the American entertainment industry for a while now and has successfully built up a huge fan base. Throughout the years, he has been climbing up the ladder of success by working hard with his comic ideas and strong dedication. 

After spreading his name on Instagram and building a huge line of followers, he launched himself on YouTube and created a concrete brand name. His comic and brand videos are one of the best in the crowd and will help you in having a good laugh. 

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about the artist and his career in a quick yet detailed brief. Therefore, let’s take a look inside and understand his successful journey to the best. 

Supreme Patty Net Worth 

Supreme Patty Net Worth 2023$4 million. 
Supreme Patty Net Worth 2022$3.7 million. 
Supreme Patty Net Worth 2021$3 million. 
Supreme Patty Net Worth 2020Unknown. 

Supreme Patty has a current net worth of $4 million and has successfully managed to build himself from scratch to reach the pedestal he is on today. His social presence and YouTube videos are one of the primary sources of his income. 

With a follower of 6.32 million, each of his Instagram posts receives about 151.7k likes which are significantly a lot higher as compared to the average Instagram median. Other than this, Supreme Patty also has a good interaction percentage of 0.1%. In general, Instagram profiles within this range can demand between $2/thousand followers to $3.50/thousand followers. 

As per some sources, Supreme Patty’s every single post earns him a revenue between $15.8 thousand to $31.6 thousand. If this is the real rate, then even if Patty posts one sponsored post a day, he might be earning around $11.54 million per year. 

Other than his social presence, Patty has a lot of other income sources, and one of them is by doing endorsements for brands like “High Times.” His music royalties from his rap career also add up a good amount to his overall net worth. Other than that, his lifestyle brand “Supreme” also brings home good fortune. 

Supreme Patty Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth December 18, 1997. 
Place Of Birth The USA. 
Nationality American. 
ProfessionSocial media personality, YouTuber, and Rapper. 
Spouse Girlfriend named Meghan Marie. 
Siblings Elder sister named Katie. 
Kids None. 

Supreme Patty Biography 

Supreme Patty began his Instagram journey from scratch and played with a lot of ideas before finding his niche. He also had various side jobs to meet his daily needs. Once, he was working as a manager at a place named “Sparks And Shine.” He then worked as a lifeguard and also worked as a cook at “Hooters.” 

After giving his Instagram a lot of trial videos and experimenting with a lot of ideas, Patty’s first viral video was of him eating three hot dogs in five seconds. His video was reposted by an actor named Orlando Brown, and this brought him a lot of needed engagement which motivated him to create more content, and then all of them continued to go viral. 

Establishing himself as an amazing and popular Instagram personality, Patty upgraded his lifestyle on all the accounts. His collaboration with various popular names like Scott Storch and YNW Melly got him into the spotlight and made him one of the most popular names in the media. 

Supreme Patty In The News

The last time Supreme Patty was in the news was when he created a comedy video about the viral urban slang “Ligma Balls.” In the video, he emphasized, “Ligma is no joke.” The urban slang garnered a good time from all the online meme communities 


What happened to Supreme Patty?

Back in the year 2022, Supreme Patty was arrested for driving a pickup vehicle at 100 mph. He was arrested for violating traffic rules as well as carrying arms and handguns without a permit. All of this led him to a rough patch with his social image. 

Though, recently, there has been no big activity by the social media influencer. 

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