Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review 2019

Here’s Celebrity Radio’s Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Review 2019…

Celebrity Radio only fly Virgin Atlantic – but why?….

For us, VA fully understand hospitality, making you feel welcome & important as possible FOR THE PRICE.

They’ve mastered the art of expediting your transit through the terminal effortlessly & quickly causing you the least inconvenience & aggravation possible.

From ‘drive-through’ check-in to baggage claim – Virgin Atlantic go the extra mile to make everything as simple as possible.

As Virgin roll out even more 787’s this year and refurbished A330’s, you’ll get Wifi at 35,000ft as well as USB + power will be available for all within months.

Is it the best airline in the world? NO! But, it is for the price!…

Alex Belfield Virgin Atlantic Review

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Virgin Atlantic offer the best value Business+ service in the world.

There are two levels to a VA Upper Class ticket. You can take the limo option which will pick you up and drop you off from your home on an open ticket.

Alternatively you can make your own way to the airport and go on a specific flight which is often two or three times cheaper.

The food is certainly the weakest part of Virgin Atlantic’s 2019 offering:

Cabbage and steak ffs????…

Either way, if arriving to Terminal 3 Heathrow by car, make sure you use the ‘Virgin Wing’ – basically a drive-through check-in.

The best airline invention EVER! You totally avoid the chaos of the terminal, go straight into private security and into the lounge within 5 minutes! Extraordinary.

The Virgin Atlantic Wing:

Virgin atlantic drive through check in Heathrow
Virgin Atlantic Heathrow wing (3)

Here’s our Virgin ‘drive-through check-in’ HD Video via YouTube:

You’ll be delivered to the Duty Free at breath-taking speed.

You can then go straight to the Clubhouse where you can relax and have a full 3 course meal.

Wifi on-board is an incredibly cheap and reliable £14.99…

‘The Clubhouse’ is located in most major VA hubs. This is a real treat – an absolute oasis of calm away from the chaos of the terminal.

For me this is the highlight of the transit and the beginning of the holiday proper!

Heathrow, JFK & Gatwick naturally have the biggest and most impressive Clubhouse lounges. In smaller airports VA use other executive lounges.

You can also indulge in extras like shoe shine, hair, Spa & massage services.

I really do suggest you give yourself a couple of hours in the Clubhouse.

It’s an experience, it’s relaxing, it’s decadent – it’s part of the joy of flying Upper Class.

Who said “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” – well that certainly sums up what Virgin Atlantic have done with their trademark lounge.

Virgin Atlantic offer free Wifi in the lounge and on-board for £14.99 on some planes. It’s available on all of the new Dreamliners & A330’s.

In life you get what you pay for and as wonderful as BA are – Virgin have the edge throughout your airport transit due to these little touches.

The food on my 2016 flight to Miami was impressive, although to be honest the food in the lounge is better.

The service on-board was exceptional. Faultless. Nothing is too much trouble…

Food Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Steak Review
Review Food Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic Food Review Upper Class

I was really sad to be on-board one of the last 747 flights EVER to Miami.

I know this aircraft is environmentally questionable but what a legend of the sky! 50 years of almost impeccable safety and service.

Virgin Atlantic will send more 747-400’s to the desert to rot in 2016 and replace them with the brand new 787-9 which is a one of the most sophisticated aircraft in history.

From huge windows, advanced lighting, quiet cabin & new seats – this aircraft is a piece of work!


In Upper you’ll still have the same service and flat beds but in a cleaner atmosphere with fresher air…

Review 787 Dreamliner Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic 787 Review

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE 787 Audio / Video review HERE:

You cannot fail to be impressed by the room and comfort in Virgin Upper Class.

VA is absolutely the best value for money in terms of service and experience.

On-board I recommend you request a sleep suit – (VA pajamas) – why come off smelling of ‘plane’ when you can be fresh and relax throughout?

The food on-board Virgin Atlantic has improved in recent years after a period of disappointment.

You usually get a full meal during day flights followed by afternoon tea before landing.

On night flights I eat in the lounge (3 courses if you want) and then take 2 Nightol and wake up to Breakfast in the arrivals lounge.

What’s the point paying for a flat bed if you’ don’t sleep hey?

Upper Class Seat Review Virgin Atlantic
Wifi Virgin Atlantic On-Board
Tea Virgin Atlantic Review

Virgin Upper Class is better than any Business Class but not comparable to Emirates, BA or Qantas First Class.

This is basically Upper-Business and Lower-First.

However, £ for £ or $ for $ I do not believe you will get a better Upper Business Class service anywhere in the world!

Once back on the ground at Heathrow DO NOT miss the ‘Revivals lounge’.

This arrivals lounge offers showers, massage and a full English Breakfast away from the chaos and insanity of Terminal 3.

I wouldn’t miss it! The perfect way to finish your trip with Virgin Atlantic and re-start normality back in London.

Breakfast on-board or in the Revivals lounge…

Bravo VA! You’ve mastered the customer experience and stopped at nothing to make the airport the least aggravating and annoying as humanly possible.

The drive-through ‘Wing’ is pure genius and worth the ticket price alone.

Looking forward to my next flight with Virgin Atlantic.

This review was recorded by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 9th Jan 2019

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