Who is Jacob Elordi dating

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Who is Jacob Elordi Dating Right Now 2023?

Jacob Elordi, the Australian actor who has captured hearts with his roles in various movies and TV series, has become a household name. Alongside his impressive acting skills, he has also made headlines for his dating life. In this article, we will explore Jacob Elordi’s current relationship status, delve into his girlfriend, and look at his dating history.

Who is Jacob Elordi dating right now?

Jacob Elordi is known for being relatively private about his personal life, especially his relationships. As of the last update in December 2021, he was dating Olivia Jade.

Relationship Status

Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade’s relationship status is quite evident. In December 2021, their connection initially formed when they were spotted on a date in Los Angeles. A source verified their relationship to People, with the insider noting, “Olivia and Jacob are in the early stages of dating.

All About Jacob Elordi’s Girlfriend 

Olivia Jade is a 23-year-old American social media influencer, model, and YouTuber. She gained fame through her YouTube channel and association with popular beauty brands. Olivia comes from a well-known family; her mother is Lori Loughlin, an actress best known for her role in the TV series “Full House.”

Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Take a Fun Vacation Together

In June of 2023, Elordi and Giannulli enjoyed a vacation in Italy, where they were captured on camera while basking in the sun together. They were observed taking in the sunshine at Paraggi, a picturesque beach located near Portofino.

Following a leisurely time by the water and a refreshing swim, the pair were witnessed exploring the town on a moped.

Jacob Elordi Relationship Timeline

Joey King (2017 – 2018)

Jacob and Joe King,who portrayed the love interests Noah and Elle in The Kissing Booth, crossed paths during the film’s production in 2017. In a Bello magazine interview conducted in May 2018, King shared that although she found Elordi attractive from the start, their connection initially developed as a friendship.

She remarked back then, “Did love blossom at first sight? Well, I did think he was quite charming when we first met, but it all began with a friendship.” She recalled, “We immediately engaged in humorous conversations about rather unglamorous topics (laughs). But I soon realised, ‘Hey, I might have feelings for this person!’ Meeting your boyfriend on set was quite an intriguing experience because you spend so much time together, and you grow close so rapidly. We worked side by side for 17 hours a day, and after work, we would all hang out, watch movies, and enjoy each other’s company. It was truly wonderful.”

Zendaya (2019 – 2020)

Elordi and Zendaya first crossed paths while working together on the set of “Euphoria,” a series that commenced filming in 2018 and made its debut in June 2019. Speculation about their romantic involvement began to swirl in August 2019 when they were captured vacationing together in Athens, Greece. According to a source quoted by Us Weekly at the time, they appeared quite close, with moments of flirtation evident during their time together.

The dating rumors persisted into October 2019 when they were spotted on a movie date at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in California. During this outing, it was just the two of them, and as reported by a source to Us Weekly, Jacob tried to maintain a low profile by wearing a hat that obscured his face.

In November 2019, the couple took a trip to Australia to visit Jacob’s family. However, by December 2019, Elordi seemed to categorize their relationship differently when he described Zendaya as a friend in an interview with GQ Australia. He stated, “She’s like my sister. Zendaya is an incredible creative talent, and she’s fantastic to collaborate with. She’s not only an exceptional artist but also a deeply compassionate person to all of us. We have a very close-knit group on the show, and there’s no weak link among us.”

Kaia Gerber (2020 – 2021)

Elordi and Kaia Gerber’s romantic connection initially surfaced in September 2020, captured in photos of them strolling hand in hand through the streets of New York City. Their relationship transitioned to the digital realm on Halloween 2020 when they made it “Instagram official” with a memorable couple’s costume inspired by rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

By November 2020, sources revealed to PEOPLE that Elordi and Gerber were deeply affectionate with each other, and the famous parents of Kaia Gerber, supermodels Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were supportive of their budding relationship.

Jacob Elordi Quick Facts Table

Birth PlaceBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Birth date26 June 1997
ProfessionAustralian Actor
Net worth$5 million
Martial statusIn a relationship
SiblingsJalynn Elordi, Isabella Elordi


How long did Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade date?

After two years of reportedly on-and-off dating and speculation regarding their relationship status, PEOPLE confirmed that Elordi and Giannulli are officially back together.

How long were Zendaya and Jacob Elordi together?

Zendaya and Jacob’s romantic connection began in August 2019, following their collaboration on “Euphoria.” They were frequently seen together, their bond appearing remarkably strong. By February 2020, they were photographed sharing a kiss in New York, solidifying their status as a couple at that moment.

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