Who is Jennifer Hudson dating

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Who is Jennifer Hudson Dating Right Now 2023?

Jennifer Hudson is a renowned American singer, actress, and Academy Award winner known for her extraordinary talents and incredible career. While she has graced the screens and stages with her powerful voice and acting skills, fans often wonder about her personal life, especially her dating and relationship status. In this article, we will delve into who Jennifer Hudson is dating, her relationship status, details about her current boyfriend, and a glimpse at her dating history.

Who is Jennifer Hudson dating right now?

Jennifer Hudson is dating Lonnie Rashid Lynn(Common). In July 2023, EGOT winner Jennifer Hudson spoke to TMZ while dining at Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, and she shared her thoughts on the ongoing speculations about her and Common’s relationship.

When asked about the potential romance, the 41-year-old Hudson casually responded, “Rumors say a lot of things, but he’s a beautiful man, I will give you that. That’s for certain.”

During the conversation, the TMZ reporter commented that she and Common, who is 51 years old, make a “cute couple,” to which Hudson simply replied, “Thank you.

Relationship Status 

Jennifer Hudson has been through various phases in her personal life. She was previously engaged to David Otunga, a lawyer and former professional wrestler. Now she is dating Common. They were in a relationship for several years and even have a son together, named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

All About Jennifer Hudson’s Boyfriend

Common was born on March 13, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago, an area known for its rich culture and, at times, its challenges. His mother, Mahalia Ann Hines, was a teacher, and his father, Lonnie Lynn Sr., was a former ABA basketball player who later worked as a youth counsellor. These early influences significantly shaped Common’s perspective on education, community, and the power of positive role models.

Jennifer Hudson Relationship Timeline

James Payton (1999–2007)

Hudson and Payton have been friends since childhood and began dating in 1999. They were together until 2007 when they broke up. Payton was going to ask her to marry him, but they chose to stay friends after they broke up.

David Otunga (2008–2017)

David Otunga, a former WWE wrestler, lawyer, and actor, had a romantic relationship with Hudson, whom he met during his appearance on “Sex and the City.” Their engagement began in 2008, and a year later, they celebrated the arrival of their son. Unfortunately, their engagement ended following a family tragedy that impacted Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew. Ultimately, the couple decided to part ways in 2017, marked by Hudson’s filing of a restraining order against Otunga, citing allegations of violence and infidelity.

Mali Music (2017)

In 2017, it was said that Hudson had an affair with the American singer Mali Music. They became friends and recorded songs together, which is said to have played a part in Hudson’s breakup with David Otunga. Of course, Hudson never confirmed this rumour.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Common) (2022–Present)

They are thought to have been dating since 2022. Jennifer Hudson is dating rapper and actress Common (Lonnie Rashid Lynn). Several times, including at well-known places, they were seen together. But neither Hudson nor Common have confirmed the connection in public.

Jennifer Hudson Quick Facts Table

Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Birth date 12 September 1981
ProfessionAmerican singer
Net worth$35 million
Martial status Single
Kids David Jr
siblingsJulia Hudson, Jason Hudson, Dinah Simpson
Spouse N/A

Fans called Common the Male Version of Lori Harvey

Fans have started comparing Onnie Rashid Lynn to the male counterpart of Lori Harvey, with rumours swirling about their relationship. The speculation gained momentum when Hudson extended birthday wishes to Common on his 51st birthday via Instagram in March. He later embarked on a weekend getaway to London with him in July.

Despite the close association, neither of these long-standing celebrities has confirmed their official relationship status. When questioned by TMZ, Hudson described Common as a “beautiful man” but refrained from confirming their romantic involvement, acknowledging that “rumors say a lot.”

Some of Hudson’s supporters have raised concerns about her potential relationship with Common due to his dating history and his track record of not committing to long-term relationships. One Instagram user expressed their apprehension, suggesting that Hudson could do better and that Common’s commitment issues have caused pain to several people. Another supporter echoed these concerns and even likened Common to the male equivalent of Lori Harvey on Twitter.


Who is Jennifer Hudson currently dating?

Jennifer Hudson and Common were seen together at another event in their hometown, nearly a year after rumors about their relationship first emerged. In August 2022, the couple was observed attending a back-to-school event in Chicago, and in May of the following year, they were spotted taking a leisurely walk in a Chicago suburb.

Does Jennifer Hudson have a biological child?

Jennifer Hudson became a mother for the first time on August 10, 2009, when she gave birth to her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. He was named after his father and weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz.

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