Who is Katie Holmes dating

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Who is Katie Holmes Dating Right Now 2023?

In Hollywood romance, celebrity relationships are often in the spotlight. Katie Holmes, known for her roles in movies like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Batman Begins,” has been curious about her love life. Currently, rumours are swirling about her dating life, prompting many to wonder who the actress might be romantically involved with. This article delves into the latest updates on Katie Holmes’s romantic life, shedding light on her current relationship, past partners, and the buzz surrounding her dating scene.

Who is Katie Holmes dating right now?

Katie Holmes is not dating anyone right now. After eight months together, she broke up with her boyfriend Bobby Wooten III. Someone told Us Weekly in December 2022, “Katie and Bobby broke up last week.” The person said that they “didn’t work out together for the long run.”

Relationship Status

Katie Holmes’ relationship status has always garnered significant attention from the media and her fans. Following her high-profile relationship with Tom Cruise, Holmes has kept a relatively private personal life. She’s been focused on her career and raising her daughter, Suri Cruise while maintaining a certain level of discretion regarding her romantic involvements.

All About Katie Holmes’ Boyfriend

Bobby Wooten III, born on January 20, 1989, in New Jersey, USA, was raised in Chicago, Illinois. Bobby Wooten III is a distinguished composer, producer, and instrumentalist with a Grammy nomination, hailing from his upbringing in Chicago, IL.

Katie Holmes Relationship Timeline

Joshua Jackson

Katie started dating her co-star Josh Jackson, who played Joey’s on-and-off boyfriend Pacey, after she got the part of Joey on Dawson’s Creek in 1997.Finally, they became a real-life pair and were together for about a year, until 1999.The 40-year-old Canadian actor is now known for his roles in the TV shows Fringe and The Affair.

Chris Klein

Katie and Chris were a dream couple in the early 2000s. The American Pie star and Katie got engaged in 2003, but they broke up in 2005, after a “five-year relationship,” according to People. There is no exact date when the relationship started. As time went on, Chris became engaged to casting director Laina-Rose Thyfault in 2014. The next year, they said their vows.

Tom Cruise

In April 2005, Katie went on her first date with Tom Cruise. After one year, to the day, their daughter Suri was born.Katie had changed her religion from Catholicism to Scientology while this was going on. She was said to be one of several actresses who had “auditioned” for the romantic part through a screen test.

Seven weeks after meeting, they got engaged. Then, in November 2006, they got married in Italy in a Scientologist ceremony. There were rumors that Katie had been made to keep quiet during her labor.

Alexander Skarsgard

In 2014, there were rumors that Katie had an on-set fling with Alexander Skarsgard, her co-star in The Giver and 41 years old. However, she was probably seeing Foxx at the time.Katie is also said to have dated Josh Hartnett for a very short time in 2005, between breaking up with Chris Klein and starting a relationship with Tom Cruise.

Jamie Foxx

After her breakup with Tom, Katie’s next famous boyfriend was Ray star Jamie Foxx. That being said, this relationship had no public statements of love. There were rumours that Katie and Jamie were dating after they were seen dancing together at a charity event in the Hamptons in 2013. They kept the rumours to themselves. The reports about Jamie’s relationship were “one hundred per cent not true” when she talked to Entertainment Tonight in October of that year.

But in 2015, they were caught holding hands in a secret picture. The world didn’t see another close-up picture of the two people until 2017, when they had hands again in Malibu. From then on, it became more apparent that Katie and Jamie were dating, even if they didn’t want to say so publicly.

Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Fans went crazy when they saw Katie laughing while having dinner with an Emilio Vitolo Jr in New York City at the start of September 2020, a few months before her 42nd birthday. Emilio Vitolo Jr., who runs an Italian restaurant in New York City called Emilio’s Ballato, was Katie’s handsome lunch partner. They were seen making out over Labor Day weekend in September 2020!

They also didn’t try to hide their relationship; Katie was seen kissing Emilio while sitting on his lap at a dinner date in Manhattan at Peasant Restaurant. The relationship didn’t last long—eight months—they broke up in May 2021. “They have broken up amicably but are still friends,” a Katie source told Us Weekly.

Bobby Wooten III

When they walked the red carpet at The Silver Ball Gala, Katie made it official with singer Bobby Wooten III in May 2022. There were first rumours that they were dating after they were seen holding hands in New York City a month earlier.Katie and Bobby broke up in December 2022 after being together for eight months.

Katie Holmes Quick Facts Table

Birth PlaceToledo, Ohio, United States
Birth date20 July 1988
ProfessionAmerican Actress
Net worth$30 Million
Martial statusSingle
KidsSuri Cruise
SiblingsNancy Kay Holmes, Tamera Holmes, Martin Joseph Holmes, Jr., Holly Ann Holmes
Age44 Years Old 


Who is Katie Holmes current partner?

At present, Katie Holmes is single and not involved in a relationship. Before, she was romantically linked with Bobby Wooten III for eight months.

Why did Katie and Jamie break up?

Their breakup stemmed from his lack of respect and their contrasting lifestyles. His penchant for partying clashed with her dedication to raising her daughter and pursuing her career.

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