Who is Olivia Rodrigo dating

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Who is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Right Now 2023?

Olivia Rodrigo has taken the music world by storm with her chart-topping hits and raw, emotional lyrics. As a young and talented artist, her life has often been under the spotlight. Fans are always eager to know about her relationships, and right now, they’re curious about who Olivia Rodrigo is dating. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of her current relationship status, introduce her boyfriend, and provide some insights into her dating history.

Who is Olivia Rodrigo dating right now?

Olivia Rodrigo is in a relationship with Louis Partridge. The young couple has been the talk of the town and has attracted a lot of attention from fans and media alike.

Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge Spotted Together in London

While Olivia Rodrigo may claim that “love is embarrassing,” there are hints that she may have a new romantic interest. Fans are buzzing with speculation about the 20-year-old pop star dating actor Louis Partridge following their recent appearances in London.

On Monday, candid photos of the singer-songwriter and the 20-year-old Enola Holmes star started circulating on social media. The images capture the two of them walking into a venue together. In one photograph, the GUTS artist and the English actor can be seen in a warm embrace, their arms wrapped around each other’s waists. In another picture, Rodrigo, wearing a red top and a black skirt along with Halloween-themed ears, appears to gaze up at Partridge, who’s dressed in a yellow shirt and tan pants, as they share a hearty laugh.

Relationship Status 

Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge are officially an item. The two have been spotted together on various occasions, confirming their romance.

All About Olivia Rodrigo’s Boyfriend

Louis Partridge, born on June 3, 2003, is a celebrated British actor, most recognised for portraying Viscount Tewksbury in the Netflix production “Enola Holmes,” where he shares the screen with Millie Bobby Brown. This captivating performance solidified his reputation in the industry. In addition to his role in “Enola Holmes,” he has showcased his acting prowess in other notable films, such as “Amazon Adventure” (2017) and “Paddington 2” (2017).

Olivia Rodrigo Relationship Timeline

Zack Bia 

Olivia Rodrigo’s romantic life has remained private since her relationship with Zack Bia in 2022. The “love is Embarrassing” singer was reportedly involved with him during the initial months of that year, as reported by People.

Zack, a 27-year-old music executive, DJ, and co-owner of the renowned L.A. restaurant and hotspot, Delilah, maintained a low profile with Olivia. However, their official separation in August 2022, as revealed by People, appeared to be less than amicable.

Adam Faze

In July 2021, Olivia officially acknowledged her relationship with producer Adam Faze when they were captured sharing a kiss in Los Angeles. However, observers had already noticed the couple together a month prior at the Space Jam 2 premiere.

According to a source cited by Page Six, they displayed their affection openly and seemed genuinely fond of each other. It was reported that they had been introduced through mutual connections in the entertainment industry.

Towards the close of the year, Page Six disclosed that Adam was relocating from Los Angeles to New York, and People noted that Olivia had unfollowed him on social media in January 2022.

Joshua Bassett

The Olivia-Joshua relationship became a prominent moment in pop culture during 2021. Both of them had starring roles as Nini and Ricky in Disney+’s “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” They were entangled in a rumored love triangle that included another Disney sensation, Sabrina Carpenter. Although they never officially acknowledged their romantic involvement, fans speculated about their relationship due to the lyrics in “Driver’s License” and other songs from Olivia’s album “SOUR.”

Their initial encounter took place in 2019 when they were cast in HSMTMTS. In July 2020, Joshua released the song “Anyone Else,” where he hinted at falling for someone who was unattainable. While he never explicitly confirmed Olivia as the inspiration behind the song, fans strongly believed she was the subject. Olivia added more intrigue to the situation in her 2021 track “Driver’s License” when she sang, “I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me.”

Ethan Wacker

In July 2018, Olivia and her co-star from Bizaardvark, Ethan Wacker, embarked on a romantic relationship. However, Olivia chose to keep their relationship under wraps for six months before sharing it on Instagram. It was in August 2019 that fans began to notice that both Olivia and Ethan had removed photos of each other from their respective social media profiles. Despite this, they remained amicable after their breakup. This was evident when Olivia congratulated Ethan in August 2020 when he announced his acceptance to Vanderbilt University.

Olivia Rodrigo Quick Facts Table

Birth Place Southwest Healthcare Rancho Springs Hospital, Murrieta, California, United States
Birth date 20 February 2003 
Net worth$85 Million
Martial status In a relationship
Kids N/A
Spouse N/A


Is Olivia Rodrigo currently dating someone?

It’s been reported that Olivia Rodrigo and actor Louis Partridge are possibly romantically involved.

Are Olivia and Ethan in a relationship?

The two rekindled their romance after a short break and openly declared their love for each other. In a September 2022 Instagram post, Ethan expressed, “When high school sweethearts reunite, there’s very little that can keep us apart.”

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