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Who is Rihanna Dating Right Now 2023?

Rihanna, a Barbadian Singer-songwriter and businesswoman, has continually captivated the public’s interest with her music, entrepreneurial ventures, and personal life. Among the various facts of her life that draw attention are her romantic relationships, which often spark curiosity and speculation. Currently, the spotlight is on who Rihanna might be dating.

Who is Rihanna dating right now?

Rihanna is in a committed relationship with rapper and businessman A$AP Rocky.A$AP Rocky has been Rihanna’s boyfriend for a while now. They kept their relationship quiet until May 2021, when they finally confirmed dating.

The 34-year-old rapper told GQ that his girlfriend was “the one” and “the love of my life.” The couple can’t be separated since they had their first child together in May 2022.

Relationship Status

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been open about their relationship, often seen attending events and sharing moments on social media.

All About Rihanna’s Boyfriend

A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, is a well-known figure in the music industry. He grew up in Harlem. Born on October 3, 1988, he is 35. He started his music career as a part of the hip-hop group ASAP Mob. Besides his successful music career, he’s also recognised for his fashion sense and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Rihanna Relationship Timeline

A$AP Rocky

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky started getting noticed by fans in 2012 when they collaborated on her song at an awards show. They became good friends, worked together on music videos, and hung out at various events. They officially started dating in 2020 after Rihanna became single. They spent time together in Barbados and seemed really into their new relationship.

In an interview, A$AP clarified that he liked Rihanna, calling her “the love of my life” and “my lady.” They publicly appeared together at events like the Met Gala. In early 2022, they announced they were expecting their first child through a photo shoot showing Rihanna’s baby bump.

However, there were rumours that A$AP was cheating on Rihanna, but the person mentioned denied it. A$AP faced some legal trouble, too. He was arrested for a shooting and charged with assault, but he claimed he was not guilty.

Despite the challenges, Rihanna and A$AP welcomed their first child, RZA, in May 2022. They were excited about becoming parents. Then, in August 2023, they had their second child.

Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel, a Saudi investor, was first linked to the singer of “Love on the Brain” in June 2017.

They didn’t talk about their relationship much in public, but they weren’t afraid to go on dates. In July 2018, Rihanna and Jameel were seen having a heated argument in public. This led to rumours that they were breaking up, but the singer ended them with an Instagram picture.

Actor Sarah Paulson did an interview with the Grammy-winning artist for Interview magazine in June 2019. “Are you in love?” He asked Rihanna, and she said, “Of course I am.” The founder of Fenty also noted that she was putting her personal life ahead of her work.

“I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me,” she stated. “I thought, ‘I need to make time for this.'” Like how I care for my businesses, I need to do this, too. I’ll shut down for two or three days at a time.

In August 2019, Rihanna and Jameel were seen having a serious relationship. They had a “lovely dinner evening” with her brother and her mom, Monica Braithwaite Fenty. A source told PEOPLE, “They all stayed for a few hours until it got dark.”

After almost three years together, Rihanna and Jameel broke up in January 2020. Someone told PEOPLE, “Their lives were too different, and it was hard for them to stay together.”

Travis Scott

It was first said that Rihanna and rapper Travis Scott were dating when they were seen together at a tattoo appointment, a fashion week afterparty, and several nights out in West Hollywood, California.

In October, Rihanna attended Scott’s show at the 1 OAK bar in Hollywood.  A source told PEOPLE, “Once Travis finished his set, they were all over each other and couldn’t stay away from each other.” “It was cute!”

Rihanna’s Anti tour started in February 2016 in North America, and Scott opened for her. Despite reports going around for months, they never confirmed that they were dating. Following this, Scott dated Kylie Jenner and had two children with her.

Matt Kemp

In November 2009, Rihanna and Matt Kemp, an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, met through friends they both had. Things got hot quickly, and by January 2010, they were seen making out in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, while on holiday. A source told PEOPLE, “They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.” “They kept kissing while gazing out over the ocean.”

A few months later, Rihanna revealed her new relationship in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. “He’s my boyfriend,” she told him. “It’s different, fun, and not too scary, you know.” I don’t want anything that will negatively take up a lot of my time and energy right now.

Kemp and Rihanna kept going out on dates all summer. “I’m so glad. In June, she told Elle, “I feel really good and it’s so easy.” “My life is so crazy, but that’s where I find peace at the end of the day.” When I talk to him and my family, it really keeps me calm.

By December 2010, though, they were no longer together.


Rihanna and Drake first met in 2005 when Drake appeared in Rihanna’s music video. They started as friends but became romantically involved in 2009. However, their relationship had ups and downs. They collaborated on music and performed at events, sparking rumours about their romance.

Drake expressed strong feelings for Rihanna, but she mentioned that her last official boyfriend was Chris Brown, not Drake. Despite this, they were seen together at various events over the years. Drake even publicly declared his love for Rihanna at an award show and showed a lot of affection towards her at a party.

In 2016, they got matching tattoos and seemed quite close. However, by 2018, they had ended their romantic relationship. Rihanna mentioned that they were no longer close but also clarified that they weren’t enemies.

They had some friendly exchanges online in 2020, but by 2021, Rihanna covered up the matching tattoo she got with Drake.

Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown were in a relationship when they were young and famous singers. They worked together on music and seemed happy, but things changed. In 2009, Chris Brown hurt Rihanna badly, and she called the police. He got in trouble with the law, and Rihanna had a hard time afterwards.

Even though they broke up, they sometimes talked and collaborated on songs. Rihanna said they still cared about each other, but she knew it wasn’t a good idea to be with him again. She explained that even if it was a mistake, she wanted to be happy.

Eventually, they ended their relationship for good in 2013.

Rihanna Quick Facts Table

Birth PlaceSaint Michael, Barbados
Birth date20 February 1988 
ProfessionBarbadian Singer-songwriter And Businesswoman
Net worth$1.8 billion
Martial statusIn a relationship
KidsRiot Rose and RZA
SiblingsRajad Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Rorrey Fenty, Kandy Fenty, Jamie Fenty
Age35 Years Old 


Who is Rihanna in a relationship with?

Yes, Rihanna and A$AP were seen relaxing in L.A. while getting ready for the birth of their second child.

Did Rihanna date Travis Scott?

Rihanna and Travis Scott were indeed in a relationship, albeit discreetly. They first crossed paths at the 2013 Opening Ceremony runway show during New York Fashion Week.

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