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Who is Zac Efron Dating Right Now 2023?

Zac Efron, the heartthrob of many, has always been in the spotlight for his relationships.The actor made a name for himself on-screen, and he kept up the same energy in a number of unrealistic, public relationships off-screen. As everyone knows, Zac was in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, who played Gabriella in HSM, in the early 2000s. After they broke up, Zac had some quiet relationships that didn’t get much attention.Want to know how the actor’s love life is going right now? Here is a list of all the people Zac Efron has dated and what we know about their relationships.

Zac candidly expressed in an interview with The Sunday Times back in July 2016 that traditional dating was not within his reach. “By the textbook definition of dating, I’m not capable of it,” he revealed. “My presence somehow affects the lives of those I meet, and sooner or later, they’ll recognize it… A date would have to be exceptionally long to break any preconceptions about me.”

The Neighbors star also light-heartedly shared an amusing anecdote about his venture into the world of Tinder at the time, quipping, “I never got a single swipe.” He chuckled and added, “They probably thought it was a prank… but that’s the real deal.”

Zac Efron Quick Facts Table

Birth Place San Luis Obispo, CA 
Birth date 18 October 1987, 
ProfessionActor, Singer, Voice Actor
Net worth$25 million
Martial status Single
NationalityUnited States of America
Kids Olivia
siblingsDylan Efron
Spouse N/A

Who is Zac Efron dating right now?

No, Zac is not dating anyone right now. In an October 2022 interview with Men’s Health, the actor said that he’s hopeful about meeting true love again, even though he hasn’t been dating for a while.

“I’ve been putting a lot of time into self-fulfillment and trying to find my groove,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that the right person will come along when I least expect it.”

Relationship Status

Zac Efron has had a series of high-profile relationships in the past. Notable among them was his long-term relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, his co-star from the wildly popular High School Musical franchise. They dated from 2005 to 2010, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

After his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens ended, Efron dated several other celebrities, including Lily Collins, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sami Miró. However, his relationship with Vanessa Valladares in 2020 garnered significant attention.

All About Zac Efron’s Ex-Girlfriend

Vanessa Valladares is an Australian model who reportedly met Zac Efron in the summer of 2020 while working as a waitress at a café in Byron Bay, Australia. The couple’s relationship quickly made headlines, and they were often seen together in public, enjoying their time in Australia. This was during a time when Efron was living down under, and it seemed like he had found love in the land of kangaroos and stunning landscapes.

Zac Efron relationship Timeline

Vanessa Hudgens (2005 – 2010)

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens dated for five years after meeting during a High School Musical audition in 2004. They officially confirmed their relationship in March 2007 after Efron starred in Hudgens’ “Say Ok” music video. In 2010, Efron questioned being single but ultimately broke up with Hudgens in December 2010. They remained friends but lost touch over the years.

Lily Collins (2012)

Zac Efron and Lilly Collins had a brief three-month romance back in 2012, seven years before they shared the screen in the 2019 film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” According to an insider who spoke with Us Weekly, their relationship wasn’t particularly serious and eventually faded away. In June 2012, the source stated, “They’re no longer together.

Michelle Rodriguez (2014)

In July 2014, actor Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron were seen kissing on a yacht in Sardinia, Italy. This was the first sign that the two were dating. At the time, Refinery29 said that the two met through an Italian investor they both knew, Gianluca Vacchi. A source for Us Weekly said that they broke up a few months later after a “huge fight” after their trip to Ibiza, Spain. At the time, a source said, “Michelle is going to do her own thing.” The source also said that Efron was “very into her, though, and maybe more than she’s into him.”

Sami Miro (2014 – 2016)

Zac Efron and model Sami Miro were first seen together in October 2014, sparking public interest. In a 2015 Elle interview, Miro addressed the challenges of dating in the spotlight, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding.

The couple broke up in April 2016 due to a fading connection, with Efron prioritizing his career. Post-breakup, Miro hinted at her feelings in since-deleted tweets.

Sarah Bro (2019 – 2020)

Zac Efron and Danish Olympian Sarah Bro were first spotted together in March 2019 at a UFC fight. They seemed to enjoy each other’s company but kept their affection low-key. They split in January 2020, with a source citing the relationship’s lack of progress. In 2021, Bro hinted at a challenging relationship on “112 For Broken Hearts,” possibly referring to Efron.

Halston Sage (2014, 2020)

Zac Efron and his “Neighbors” co-star Halston Sage were first linked in April 2014 but seemed to split in July 2014. They rekindled their relationship in January 2020 after Zac’s split from Sarah Bro but eventually broke up again.

Vanessa Valladares (2020 – 2021)

Zac Efron and Australian model Vanessa Valladares dated for 10 months from June 2020 to April 2021, starting in Byron Bay. They went public in September 2020 and broke up amicably in April 2021.


Are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in a romantic relationship? 

These two celebrities dated from 2005 to 2010 after meeting on the set of Disney’s High School Musical. Vanessa mentioned in a 2011 interview that distance contributed to their breakup.

Did Taylor Swift and Zac Efron ever date? 

Contrary to rumors, both Swift and Efron consistently denied any romantic involvement despite briefly spending time together during the promotion of their 2012 animated musical film, ‘The Lorax,’ in early 2011.”

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