X-Factor UK Tour Review 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s X-factor UK Tour Review 2015….

You’ve got to hand it to Simon Cowell – he knows what he is doing.

The UK X-factor tour has stunning staging and lighting, anthemic performance, big production dance numbers and a touch of occasional well meaning mockery, campery and buffoonery.

The 2015 X-Factor tour has hit the road with all of 2014’s biggest voices.

From Andrea, Jay, Stevi, the token boy band and the remarkable Fleur and Haenow – the show packs a punch.

With the first half running a surprising 40ish minutes before the queue to loo’s, and with no sign of the shows winner in sight, I wondered if it was worth the £60 for top ticket was value for money?

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Here’s Alex Belfield’s audio/visual review via YouTube with Exclusive video from the concert….

What is absolutely clear about this show is that the youngsters in the audience loved every second.

It’s brilliantly produced and a spectacular production using both ends of the enormous 8000+ seater arenas. Refreshing.

The volume is loud, the videos are slick, like the Live show, and the performances were as good as they could have been.

Standout performances were Jay James who really shone tonight. Hugely powerful voice.

Fleur naturally stole the show with her mega-moves and Beyoncé-esk voice and stage presence. She’s going to be the lasting Star of this year no question.

And then it was ‘Goodnight, thanks, have a safe journey home’. Could it be over with out Ben? No!…

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The last 20 minutes is basically a headline concert by this years winner Ben Haenow.

This guy owns the stage and clearly has a huge career ahead of him. The girls went wild!

His vocals were as raspy and as ‘rock n roll’ as you would help. He looked absolutely comfortable as the Star on stage.

The £1 million PA and processing also did all of the acts proud during this concert.

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My only disappoint with the show was that there was no host or warm-up.

It felt a little disjointed and could have done with some ‘drive’ and direction.

Also, it was incredibly disappointing for me that all the artistes got to say was “hello” and “thank you”.

As a lover of Live theatre, it is a shame they presumably were not allowed to work the crowd or interact. Maybe it’s just me.

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I could have also done without the clichéd ‘Let It Go’ sing-a-long, but I’m not 13.

£60 is a lot for a show but Cowell does put a ton of money into this production.

No-one could feel short changed….other than from the lack of ‘Live’ interaction throughout.

4* Review for the X-factor UK Tour 2015. It is what it is and regardless of the above, the sell out audience loved it!


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Review and interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio at the Nottingham Aren 22nd Feb 2015.

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