Yasin Cengiz Net Worth


Yasin Cengiz Net Worth

Yasin Cengiz is a content creator and a TikTok Star, who is popularly known as a “Tummy Dancer.” As of 2023, Yasin Cengiz has a net worth of $1 Million. Yasin first gained recognition on TikTok by uploading his tummy dancing videos, showcasing his amazing body control and his unique tummy moves which gained him 5 million views on the short-video sharing platform. 

Yasin gained immense popularity in April 2022, when he posted a video of him dancing to Biser King’s single “Dom Dom” and showcasing his tummy dance steps perfectly fitting the song which gained 28 million views in 3 months. After gaining success through tummy dancing, Yasin Cengiz went on to collaborate with celebrities and influencers on the platform, which helped contribute to Yasin Cengiz’s net worth of $1 Million. 

Yasin Cengiz Net Worth

Yasin Cengiz Net Worth 2023 $1 Million 
Yasin Cengiz Net Worth 2022 $800,000
Yasin Cengiz Net Worth 2021 $500,000 to $600,000
Yasin Cengiz Net Worth 2020 N/A

Yasin Cengiz’s main source of income comes from his TikTok career. Yasin began his TikTok journey in 2021, making short dancing videos using his tummy, which helped Yasin gain views in millions. But he gained major success in 2022 when Yasin posted a dancing video on TikTok using Biser King’s song “Dom Dom” which gained 28 million views within three months and made Yasin a popular creator in TikTok. His popularity helped him gain brand partnerships and collaborations. There is no specific estimate on how much Yasin Cengiz charges for collaborations but looking at his millions of followers, we can say it’s a pretty decent amount. Yasin Cengiz’s annual amount from TikTok is estimated to be $300,000 to $400,000. 

Apart from dancing and controlling his body to dance to the beats, Yasin also has a huge interest in owning luxurious cars. He owns a Toyota 4Runner worth $41,865 and a Mercedes Benz C-class worth $45,800.

Yasin Cengiz Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 1 January 1990
Age 33 years 
Place of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish 
Profession TikTok Star and Social Media Influencer
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Not mentioned 
Kids None 

Yasin Cengiz Biography

Yasin Cengiz was born on 1st January 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. Yasin comes from a middle-class family and used to work in the field of agriculture in Antalya where he used to collect crops in the countryside before starting his journey in the popular short-video sharing platform TikTok. He started his TikTok journey in March 2021, when he started recording himself dancing from his workplace and showcasing his ability to control his body. Yasin’s ability to control his stomach and work his moves to interesting dance steps is what made him stand out and got him the name “Tummy Dancer” in the short-video sharing platform. His dancing videos initially gained 5 million views on TikTok, helping Yasin gain popularity and followers on the platform.

Despite having popularity beforehand for his tummy dance, Yasin came to the spotlight and gained massive recognition in April 2022, when he made a dance video on Biser King’s single “Dom Dom.” Yasin’s tummy dance steps fit perfectly with the single “Dom Dom” showcasing a perfect harmony between the music and dance which helped Yasin gain major popularity. This was the first time Yasin’s rhythms matched a song perfectly and within just three months Yasin’s videos received 28 million views on his video. The tummy dance on Dom Dom also went on to become a predominant trend on the platform. After gaining popularity through his dance on Dom Dom single, he continued to gain massive views on his next uploads with each video crossing up to 20 million views each, making Yasin one of the top rising stars on TikTok. 

Yasin Cengiz In the News

Yasin Cengiz has recently been in the news when numerous reports were shared on TikTok and other social media platforms claiming the Turkish TikTok star has died. These reports first came to list in January 2023, when various users began posting videos of Yasin Cengiz with a caption saying, “RIP Yasin Cengiz.” The fake news immediately spread across all social media platforms, resulting in Yasin’s fans and followers sharing the old dancing clips and photos of the TikTok star. The mass confusion was formed after several users shared old pictures and videos of Yasin on their social media accounts, leading people to believe the tik tok star had passed away. A clip of a public funeral also went viral showcasing people offering flowers and carrying the casket which led people to think the news of Yasin’s death was true. However, the claims of Yasin’s death turned out to be completely false and baseless, and soon Yasin shared a post of himself dancing on his TikTok account, putting all the fake news to rest. 


Yasin Cengiz Wife

According to reports, the famous TikTok star is not married and is currently single. 

Is Yasin Cengiz Alive

Recently, rumors were surfacing on TikTok and other social media platforms claiming Yasin Cengiz is dead, which turned out to be completely false. The Turkish TikTok star Yasin Cengiz is Alive. 

Yasin Cengiz Instagram

Yasin Cengiz’s instagram handle is (@yasincengiz0038). The social media personality and Tik Tok star has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 

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