BabyFace Ray Net Worth


BabyFace Ray Net Worth

BabyFace Ray is an American Rapper and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan who has a net worth of $2.5 Million as of 2023. He started his career in a rap collective called “Team Eastside” but later started releasing his own Mixtapes, EPs, and studio albums. BabyFace Ray is considered one of the most popular rappers from Detroit and has his albums ranking on the Billboard 200 Charts. In this article, we will take a look into BabyFace Ray’s Net Worth, Source of Income, Career, Albums, and more. 

BabyFace Ray Net Worth

Babyface Ray Net Worth 2023$2.5 Million 
Babyface Ray Net Worth 2022$2 Million 
Babyface Ray Net Worth 2021$1.7 Million 
Babyface Ray Net Worth 20201.3 Million 

BabyFace Ray’s main source of income from his music career which includes album sales, YouTube channels, Spotify streams, and concerts. BabyFace Ray’s annual income is estimated to be around $400,000. Ray makes a good amount from his live show events and concerts where the seats are charged from $50 to $75. Apart from this, Ray’s YouTube channel also plays a major role in his net worth, he has 285K subscribers on his channel with more than 303 Million views as of 2023. Ray also earns from streaming from the music platform Spotify 2 Million monthly listeners.

BabyFace Ray Quick Facts

Date of Birth 7 February 1991
Age 32 years 
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, United States 
Nationality American 
Profession Rapper and Songwriter 
Spouse Unmarried 
Siblings 1
Kids None 

BabyFace Ray Biography 

Babyface Ray (birth name: Marcellus Rayvon Register) was born on 7 February 1991 in Detroit, Michigan. Babyface first discovered hip-hop music when he was in 8th grade through local artists Blade Icewood, Rock Bottom, and Stretch Money. He began rapping verse and spent his entire high school performing under monikers like Riche Rich Ray and Chaos the Kid. 

Babyface Ray began his professional career in rapping when he met Peezy, another Detroit artist. In 2010, they decided to form a rap collective consisting of Peezy, Babyface, and five other artists and named it “Team Eastside.” Together they released tracks “Work” and “Sold Not Told.” In mid-2010 Team Eastside split and decided to follow their individual paths and Babyface started working on his music. After going solo, Babyface released his debut mixtape titled “Young Wavy” in 2014 which brought him major success and became the breakthrough of his career. In 2015, Babyface released another mixtape titled “Mia Season” and its sequel “Mia Season 2” in 2019. 

All these mixtapes turned Babyface into one of the top rappers in Detroit. In 2020, Babyface released a song called “Paperwork Party” which became a massive hit. In 2021, he released his debut EP called “Unfuckwitable” which had several other artists making an appearance such as Moneybagg, Kash Doll, and EST Gee. His debut EP went on to debut at number 128 on Billboard 200. He released a single in the following year featuring rapper Big Sean called “It Ain’t My Fault.” In 2022, Babyface released his much-awaited debut album titled “Face” which peaked at number 31 on Billboard 200 charts and number 2 on the Independent Albums chart. He made his appearance in XXL Freshman Class in 2022 alongside rappers Cochise, Kali, and BabyTron. In 2022, Babyface Ray released another studio album titled “Mob” which peaked at number 54 on the US Billboard 200 making BabyFace Ray one of the top rappers from Detroit, Michigan. 

BabyFace Ray in the News

Detroit Rapper BabyFace Ray has recently announced that he will be releasing his new album “Summer’s Mine” on 21 July 2023. Under the post, former collaborators G Herbo and Mozzy commented under the post hyping the upcoming release of Ray. BabyFace released two albums last year titled, “Face” and “Mob” which included a total of 39 songs. In 2023, Ray has already released a trio of new singles including “Ron Artest” which became one of his biggest hits with more than 20 Million streams on the music platform Spotify. Recently, he dropped another single “Donda Bag” and the space-produced song might be getting its own music video which is expected to appear in BabyFace’s new album. 

In BabyFace’s previous albums, fans were able to witness appearances from several such as G Herbo, Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, and more. Now, with the announcement of Ray’s new album, fans can’t keep calm on features and appearance of artists in “Summer’s Mine.”


How much is a feature with BabyFace Ray?

BabyFace Ray usually charges around $15,000 to $25,000 for every feature

Who is BabyFace Ray signed to?

BabyFace Ray is currently signed to recording labels #BOYZ Entertainment L.L.C., Wavy Gang, and EMPIRE

Where did BabyFace Ray grow up?

BabyFace grew up in Detroit, Michigan, United States

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