D'aydrian Harding Net Worth


D’aydrian Harding Net Worth

D’aydrian Harding is an American YouTuber and TikTok star who has a net worth of $1 Million in 2023. Harding first started his social media journey through TikTok in 2020 where he used to post short comedic videos which helped him immediately gain thousands of views and likes but decided to shift to YouTube in 2021 and started making prank videos that helped him gain millions of views on YouTube. In this article, we will take a look into D’aydrian Harding Net Worth, Source of Income, Career, and more. 

D’aydrian Harding Net Worth

D’aydrian Harding Net Worth 2023$1 Million
D’aydrian Harding Net Worth 2022$550,000
D’aydrian Harding Net Worth 2021$200,000
D’aydrian Harding Net Worth 2020N/A

D’aydrian Harding’s main source of income comes from his YouTube Channel, TikTok account, brand deals, merchandise and sponsorships. Harding has a monthly YouTube ad revenue of $13,000 which helps the YouTuber make $156,000 annually through ads. Harding has 2.3 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel and makes around $764,016 annually from his videos. There is no clear information on how much Harding makes from his TikTok videos, but since almost all his videos cross Millions on each platform we can assume it’s a good amount. 

Apart from this, Harding also makes a decent amount through his merchandise, he has created a few cool designs and products such as T-shirts, hoodie, beanie, and more which are available on his website at an affordable price range from $11 to $31 which helps him gain massive profit through his merchandise.

D’aydrian Harding Quick Facts 

Date of Birth 3rd August 2001
Age 21 years 
Place of Birth Wichita, Kansas, United States 
Nationality American 
Profession YouTuber and Social Media Personality 
Spouse Unmarried 
Siblings Not Known
Kids None 

D’aydrian Harding Biography 

D’aydrian L. Harding was born on 3rd August 2001 in Wichita, Kansas, United States. Harding comes from an African-American family and went to Northeast high school in Wichita. When Harding was in middle school he created a Snapchat account where he used to upload his comedic content, memes, and more. He gained around 500,000 subscribers on Snapchat which helped him earn a good amount which he would use to buy lunch and go to the cafeteria. 

At 14, Harding decided to give up his Snapchat account and sold it for $8000 as he felt it wasn’t anything he did for the rest of his life. However, in 2020 Harding decided to come back to social media and created a TikTok account under the name “AdrianIsFunny.” He first uploaded a video of him rapping on stage to Dabby which became a hit on TikTok. This encouraged Harding to post more videos of him on the social media platform and began creating comedic skits which easily went viral on TikTok gaining him millions of views and likes on TikTok.

On TikTok, Harding was often seen collaborating with several other creators such as Justin McNease and Lilmfcurb which also helped Harding in increasing his popularity on the platform.

After gaining a good response on TikTok, Harding decided to start creating content on YouTube under his real name “D’aydrian Harding” where he started creating prank videos. Harding’s first prank video is titled “Gallon Smashing Prank” which currently has 1.2 Million views with 30K likes. Since Harding had made a name for himself on TikTok, he was able to gain an audience on YouTube as well thanks to comedic skits and ideas. He gained 100K subscribers in January 2022, and his popularity kept on rising with his upcoming content on the platform and received a Silver button from YouTube in February 2022 and a Gold Button in October 2022. 

In July 2023 Harding had 2.3 Million subscribers on his channel. He released his most popular video “Walmart Can’t Stop Me” on 27th April 2023 which gained 10 Million within 2 months. As of July 2023, Harding had a total view count of more than 160 Million on YouTube. While on TikTok, Harding has 8 Million followers with more than 228.7 Million likes. Harding also has an Instagram Account which he has 450K which he mainly uses for updating his subscribers about new videos and content and only has 16 posts till July 2023. 

Some of D’aydrian Harding’s most viewed videos on YouTube are: “Walmart Can’t Stop Me” with 10 Million views, “Funniest Pranks of 2022” with 8.1 Million views, “He Tried To Take My Life” with 7.9 Million views, and “Exploding Basketballs in Public” with 5.3 Million views.  

D’aydrian Harding in the News 

The famous rapper and TikTok star D’aydrian Harding has recently shown off his Rapping skills in musical artist Lil Peej’s new song “Letterman” whose music video was released on July 14, 2023. The video was uploaded by Lil Peej on his YouTube Channel where the video currently has more than 39K views and 5.3K Likes where both Harding and Peej are seen reminiscing about the time when they were rich, famous, and used to run the school. The original audio of the song “Letterman” was released on 30 June 2023 on Peej’s YouTube channel. This marked Harding’s rapping debut in the music industry. 


Where does D’aydrian Harding live

D’aydrian Harding is originally from Wichita, Kansas but the YouTuber currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 

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