BBC Bernie Keith & Ben Hewis STATEMENT

Here’s Celebrity Radio’s BBC Bernie Keith & Ben Hewis STATEMENT…

Full statement on legal action & police inquiry – BBC Bernie Keith / Bernard Spedding & Ben Hewis.

UPDATE. Here’s the facts on what happened…

  • Unprovoked, anonymous, malicious email published by Ben Hewis Oct 1 2019.
  • Hewis tweet and email vindictively intended to destroy my career and reputation.
  • This resulted in my reputation destroyed in the eyes of peers who blocked me.
  • The email contained 7 blatant (easily disprovable) malicious lies.
  • 6 months later Ben Hewis REFUSES to release the email.
  • The author identified himself in the screen-grab published by Hewis.
  • 6 months later the BBC refuse to reveal which BBC person wrote the email.
  • Police inquiry opened Feb 2020 – Nottinghamshire Police.
  • BBC & RPC lawyers refuse to deny BBC DJ Bernard Spedding / Bernie Keith wrote email.
  • 100+ emails sent/received from BBC & lawyers – no defense of Spedding whatsoever.
  • Bernie Keith confirms he’s mentally ill and in therapy March 2020.
  • Bernie confirms on air ‘they’ think he’s “bonkers & loony toons”.
  • Bernard Spedding ignored every single correspondence. Refuses to deny he wrote the email.
  • Ben Hewis refuses to engage with the police and hand over the email.
  • Ben Hewis is perverting the course of justice.
  • My legal costs over £10,000+ to date.
  • We have begged the BBC to resolve this quietly and privately.

Watch my story on HDTV HERE…

Bernie Keith BBC Radio Northampton from Alex Belfield on Vimeo.


(takes 20 seconds to download – full statement plus call to Hewis)

This apology does not make it ‘OK’. To have your reputation destroyed maliciously is unforgivable.

For the BBC to protect the liar who did this is unthinkable in 2020.

We’ve presented the BBC and RPC’s Nicola Cain (now left the case as Bernie’s lawyer) with indisputable evidence that we believe BBC Northampton’s Bernie Keith wrote this unprovoked attack.

After 6 months the BBC REFUSE to defend Bernie Keith and deny he sent it – after 100+ emails.

Why would he/they not deny it if he didn’t send it? Yet, he remains unstable and on air at the BBC.

Ben Hewis intended to destroy my life, reputation and career.

It worked…

Hewis encouraged an entire industry to block me….over lies he endorsed!

Peers in show business blocked me including @BazBam (#1 print journo) calling me “abhorrent” in reply to the Hewis’ published LIES…

Aaron Sidwell was smart enough to retract his comments immediately:

Phillip Dehany refuses to delete his post/vlog repeating the lies and endorsing Hewis.

Repeating a libel is not a defense in court.

We have no choice but to take action against ‘The Stagey Blog’ too. He has been contacted 5 times to remove his outrageous claims…

All of the people who liked and re-tweeted Hewis’ libel will be called as witnesses.

All prove they have absolutely no understanding of the law…

Instantly disprovable lies published by Ben Hewis.

Ben Hewis refuses to communicate with Nottingham Police.

If you can help with mounting legal costs please email [email protected]

Uploaded by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 13th March 2020

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