5* REVIEW Fame The Musical UK Tour

REVIEW Fame The Musical UK Tour 2018 / 2019

The brand new 2018 / 2019 production of FAME showcases 5* talent, killer vocals and stunning moves. It’s quite remarkable and our FAVOURITE TOURING SHOW 2018!

As the cast celebrate the 30th anniversary of this touching story of discipline, desire and ‘hard work’.

It beautifully explains that celebrity obsession has to be backed up with equal measure of talent. A philosophy that has been mostly lost since this show was written in 1988.

Enjoy our exclusive HD interview with Mica and Keith via YouTube:

FAME beautifully explains that ‘artistes are special’, ‘they want to make magic’ and mostly ‘want to live forever’.

Sadly, the reality is that most fail, few find fame and the rest spend their entire lives desperately & obsessively mastering their craft in the hope of a big break….that often never comes.

Sometimes the drive for perfection can have tragic consequences…

This show is aimed at a young crowd and cannot fail to inspire a new generation of theatre goers.

What you get with FAME UK TOUR 2018/2019 is a sensationally talented cast working their arses off to deliver a masterclass in collective stage presence, physical perfection and vocal beauty.

The dancing in this show will blow your mind. Jamal Crawford is sensational as Tyrone – an incredible talent whose precision and energy will blow your mind.

You’ll laugh, cry and be wowed by the pure energy of a sensational & delicious ensemble.


Enjoy our audio / video REVIEW via YouTube:

I first reviewed FAME over 20 years ago and have since seen it around the world. It’s incredibly moving and sums up so much about our culture today. It’s absolutely relevant in 2018.

This cast showcases some exceptional talent. Led by Mica Paris, this star cannot fail to impress. This woman was born singing and naturally & effortlessly rips the roof off as the thunderously cold and driven Miss Sherman.

She’s worth the ticket price alone for 5 minutes of gold during her performance tonight of ‘These are my children’.

This is the best solo performance I’ve seen in years. Jesus, she’s ridiculously talented! I’ll never forget this performance. Pure class. The epitome of ‘raise the roof’!

The biggest surprise in this company was Jorgie Porter who was previously not on my radar. She is now! This girl can dance, I mean seriously dance. A captivating performance and a born entertainer that is beautifully cast as Iris.

Keith Jack is a pro and perfectly embodies the awkwardness of Nick. This character is a blessed talent almost tortured by his art. So many are. Keith deserves his leading man role and vocally delivers.

Aside from the headliners, the ensemble are collectively packed with talent & energy. This show is sensationally cast – not a weak link anywhere. Inspiring.

Hayley Johnston is a perfectly sassy Mabel  & Simon Anthony who is an hysterical Schlomo.

Molly McGuire & Albey Brookes shine throughout.

Stephanie Rojas arguably steals the show – that’s star power. ‘In LA’ is heart-breaking, the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world. A show-stopping moment delivered magnificently. Masterclass in pacing. Good lord this girl can sing! Carmen is the perfect showcase for her remarkable talent.

The set is gorgeous but somewhat one dimensional by the end. I guess the days of ‘big production’ moving sets for new tours has gone. A set that matched the quality of the cast would have made this a production born to play the West End. This show certainly relies on talent not spectacle.

Nods to lighting and sound – both excellent.

The show ends with ‘Bring on tomorrow’ – magical & moving. A stunning theatrical moment. The standing ovation inducing crescendo that this cast deserve.

FAME is a timeless story that was relevant 30 years ago and will be 30 years from now. The desire for celebrity at any cost can be devastating – just read the papers.

This 2018 / 2019 cast do the book proud. A 5* cast & touring production – don’t miss it!

REVIEW updated by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st September 2018.

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