Giveon Net Worth 

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Giveon Net Worth 

Giveon is a globally known American music name with a glorious net worth of $2 million. He has been in the music industry for a while now and has successfully cemented his position with several hit singles and albums. Other than those, he is also known for his popular collaboration that always results in incredible music tracks. 

He is one of the few American R&B artists with a huge and dedicated fanbase. With his continuous and neverending efforts, he has built his name from scratch and today stands proud with a net worth of $2 million. That being said, now let’s take a look inside this piece and understand his journey from the beginning. 

Giveon Net Worth 

Giveon Net Worth 2023$2 million. 
Giveon Net Worth 2022$2 million. 
Giveon Net Worth 2021Unknown.
Giveon Net Worth 2020Unknown.

With a net worth of $2 million, Giveon has indeed become one of the most popular American music personalities. He has multiple income sources, and the primary one is his music. Other than those, live concerts, YouTube, merchandizing, royalties, and licensing fees, among many others, also add up to a good amount to his total net worth. 

As per some sources, Giveon has an estimated yearly income of  $768,000 to $1.06 million. His live concerts earn him a good amount as he charges somewhere between $50,000 to $70,000 per concert. 

His YouTube channel is another major source of income for him as it has a huge subscriber base of 2.7 million, and he withdraws an income of $25,000 to $29,000 per month by receiving around 36 million views per month on his videos. 

Giveon Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth February 21, 1995.
Age28 years.
Place Of Birth Long Beach, California, USA.
Nationality American.
ProfessionSinger and songwriter. 
Spouse Not married. 
Siblings Unknown. 
Kids None. 

Giveon Biography 

Born and brought up in California, Giveon released his first EP in the years 2013. But that was not a hit, and that’s where the realization of expanding himself as an artist came into his mind. In between the transition from a commoner to a musician, he took up jobs as a waiter and mascot in the local shrimp franchise and also started a dog-walking business. 

His name caught the spotlight after he released his first single, “Garden Kisses,” and the follow-up, “Field,” in August 2018. The success of both of these music tracks brought him to the attention of the Canadian music producer Sevn Thomas. Connecting together, Giveon got another successful project and released “Like I Want You.”

Singing with “Epic Records” and “Not So Fast Records,” Giveon released his EP “When It’s All Said And Done” in 2020. This was again a hit for the artists and gained him not only his home but also global fans. It successfully entered the Billboard 200 and gained him the needed attention. 

“Stuck With You” became the lead single of his EP, and he did a live performance of the same on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. His first Billboard 100 entry was his single “Heartbreak Anniversary.” His compilation of the two EPs “When It’s All Said And Done…Take Time” also gained huge success. 

His feature with Drake gained him the limelight of the mainstream global media. The track bagged the 14th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Other than those, Giveon has successfully completed his 2021 musical tours in North America and his 2022 tour, which started in Philadelphia and ended in Toronto. 

Giveon In The News

Giveon has not been in the news for a while now. The last time he appeared in a headline was when he gave out some golden rules for grooming and feeling fresh. Hopefully, he will be soon in the media again and will bring a brilliant music track for all of us. 


How Rich Is Giveon?

Giveon has a net worth of $2 million, and he has made the same through his continuous hard work and dedication to his passion for music. He has released a series of interesting music tracks that have bagged him an ultimate fortune through multiple sources like album sales, concerts, and many others. 

What Makes Giveon So Famous?

Giveon’s music makes him stand out there. The stardom has made his music career rise from the shadows to the sky and today, his music style is one of the most sought-after ones in the industry. 

Is Giveon Married?

Giveon is not married. The artist has no relationship partners as of now. Though if the single status changes at some time, we will keep you updated. 

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