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Is Frank Biden Gay?

Frank Biden is the younger brother of President Joe Biden. He is an American businessman and consultant known for his involvement in various endeavours. Despite his familial ties to the political landscape, Frank has built a career primarily focused on business and philanthropy. Rumors and speculations regarding the sexual orientation of Frank Biden have circulated within various media platforms and social circles. In this article, we uncover the truth behind Frank Biden’s Sexuality.

Is Frank Biden Gay?

No, he is not gay. Frank Biden, who is President Joe Biden’s younger brother, recently confirmed that a naked picture of himself found on a gay dating site is real. However, he said he didn’t put the picture there.

The photo showed Frank with just a baseball cap and glasses, and it appeared on a website called GuysWithiPhones in 2018 when Frank was 64. This website is known in the LGBTQ+ community for people sharing photos.

The picture became known through a group called Marco Polo, which tries to show corruption and blackmail. The group is led by Garrett Ziegler, who used to work at the White House under Trump. Before this, they released many photos of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Marco Polo says releasing Frank Biden’s photo might be used to blackmail the First Family, which could be dangerous for the country. But there’s no clear proof that the photo is being used against Joe Biden’s government. Mainly, it’s become popular among the online gay community.

Frank Biden told the Daily Mail that the picture is indeed of him, but he’s sure he didn’t put it on the site. He thinks someone hacked his phone. He’s upset about what happened and wonders how far these people would go.

He doesn’t want to discuss it or care much about the photo. Frank thinks it’s a private matter between him and his partner, Mindy Ward. They’ve been together since 2010.

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Frank Biden Biography

Frank Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden, has carved a distinct path marked by service, advocacy, and a commitment to various causes throughout his life. Born on August 23, 1953, in Wilmington, Delaware, Frank Biden is a man whose endeavours have resonated within business, law, and community development.

While his older brother, Joe Biden, ascended the political ladder to the presidency, Frank Biden took a different route, dedicating himself to philanthropy and societal betterment. His life journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of positive change.

Growing up in a close-knit family, Frank shared a profound bond with his brother Joe. Their upbringing instilled a sense of duty toward their community, a value that Frank has consistently demonstrated. After graduating from the University of Delaware, Frank delved into law, earning his degree from the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law.

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Final Verdict

Frank Biden, the younger brother of President Joe Biden, is not gay, despite a naked picture of him appearing on a gay dating site. He confirmed the photo’s authenticity but clarified that he did not upload it himself. The picture surfaced on a website sharing iPhone photos in the LGBTQ+ community. While a group aiming to expose corruption released the image, no clear evidence suggests its use for blackmail against the First Family. Frank Biden believes his phone was hacked, expressing dismay about the invasion of privacy. He considers the matter private between himself and his partner, Mindy Ward, with whom he has been together since 2010.


Q1. Is Frank Biden gay?

No, Frank Biden is not gay. While a naked picture of him appeared on a gay dating site, he confirmed its authenticity but clarified that he did not post it himself. He has been in a long-term relationship with his partner, Mindy Ward, since 2010.

Q2.Is Frank Biden Married?

Frank Biden got married to Janine Jaquet, a journalist, in 1985. They had one daughter but later got divorced in the 1990s. After that, he had another daughter with Judy Rodgers. Unfortunately, Judy passed away in 2022 when she was 76 years old. Since 2010, Frank has been in a relationship with Mindy Ward, who is 50 years old. They currently live together in Lake Worth, Florida.

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